Call the White House and Tell Them NO WAR IN SYRIA – DO IT NOW!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2018

Well, guys.

We stopped the caravan and we got Trump to deploy troops at the border.

Now it’s time to let him know what we think of this push for a war in Syria.

Call the White House now.

Call them again tomorrow.

Keep on calling.

Send them an email.

Keep it simple, keep it quick, no foul language.

For example:

Mr. President,

I voted in 2016 for the first time in my life because I believed in your message.

I believed you when you said you would stop mass immigration, I believed you when you said you’d bring back jobs and most importantly, I believed you when you said you’d end these endless wars of Bush and Obama.

I was shocked and frankly disgusted to see your response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria. Russia had been warning that intelligence agencies were planning to stage such an attack for months to blame on Assad. This seems to me the most likely thing that took place, as I simply cannot fathom why, after you announced we were bringing the boys home, Assad would decide to do something like this.

It certainly seems very convenient for the forces pushing for war.

But regardless of who was responsible, it is not our responsibility. America is not the world police. We do not have a moral duty to protect the entire planet from evil.

You told us “America First,” Mr. President.

War is not what I voted for, war is not what the millions of others who believed in your message voted for.

If you take any action in Syria beyond simple condemnation, I will not be voting in 2020. In fact, I might vote for Bernie Sanders, as maybe he would keep to his word on not getting involved in foreign wars.

I implore you, as a patriotic American: do not bomb Syria, do not send more troops to Syria, continue with your stated plan of scaling back.

Build a relationship with Russia, and bring peace to the world.

If Israel wants to fight a war with Syria or Iran or Russia, let Israel fight their own war.

That is what the people voted you in to do.

And anything else is treason against this country.

God Bless,

(your name)

Write your own version of that if you can, if not just use this version edited in whatever way you wish.

Say something similar on the phone – tell them you don’t believe Assad did it, and you don’t care if he did. You don’t want war, and believe a push for war that is in no way in the interest of this country is treasonous. Mention Israel.



The entire media is calling for war. But none of the people want it. Literally, no one, on either side of the political divide, is interested in a war with Syria, and if we tell him that, that gives him more of a chance to maneuver around the people surrounding him that are calling for war.

He didn’t move on this immediately, which means he hasn’t made his mind up yet – so we have a chance here.