Californication: Live Rat Falls from Ceiling Onto Table at Buffalo Wild Wings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2019

California is really getting a taste of what the country will look like when it is fully third world in another few years.

It tastes like rat.

Fox News:

Customers at a Los Angeles, Calif., Buffalo Wild Wings were in for a stomach-churning incident when a rat reportedly fell from the ceiling and landed on a table.

Alisha Norman, who was visiting Los Angeles from Texas, was getting ready to order at the chain restaurant when she heard something crawling above her, she told FOX35. Soon after, a rat fell and landed on a menu on the table.

The diners were reportedly shocked by the rodent – but the manager quickly disposed of the creature.

“The waitresses stood off to the side until after the manager picked him up with two plates and dumped him in a bag,” Norman said.

According to a statement from Buffalo Wild Wings to Fox News, the restaurant immediately closed following the incident for cleaning.

When you let people from the third world run your restaurants, they run them like restaurants in the third world.

And that rule applies to absolutely everything.

They are already beginning to run our government the third world way. The police will be run this way. The medical industry will be run this way. This will affect every aspect of your life.

Nothing is going to work, other than stuff that is automated and thus run by white computer programmers.

Most Americans haven’t been to the third world. Or if they have, they stayed in expensive resorts managed by white people.

I’ve spent a good deal of my adult life in the third world, and I can tell you: nothing ever works correctly. Nothing is ever simple. You can never just do what it is that you’re trying to do in a timely fashion.

The streets are chaotic, with homeless beggars and hustlers. The roads are never repaired. There are constant car crashes because the traffic is so disorganized and there are so many people driving drunk. If there’s a car crash and the police happen to wander up to it, there is no attempt to determine fault and whether or not you go to jail is dependent on how much money you have.

Any interaction with the cops could lead to you being thrown in jail, or could lead to you getting away with murder, depending on how much money you have.

Judges are also bribed regularly, but will continually rule along the lines of clan loyalty. (Third world countries are rarely actual nation states, and are generally made up of various different clans, in a way that is similar though not as extreme as modern America.)

Buses regularly drive off cliffs and kill dozens.

Everything is corrupt to the point where you can’t even trust that a product you purchase at an officially licensed retailer of Western products isn’t a knockoff.

Buildings just break down and no one fixes them. Eventually, they tear them down and build new buildings. Or they just let them rot, and let homeless people and animals live in them.

There are fires constantly, and they are usually impossible to put out. Sometimes entire blocks or even entire neighborhoods just burn up.

If you’re involved in an accident, it could take hours for an ambulance to get to you, if it comes at all. If anything serious happens, you will probably die.

Doctors have no idea what is going on, even when they have modern machines. They pass out antibiotics when they are confused and create super bugs.

And if you go into a restaurant and there are not cockroaches and rats everywhere, you actually get uncomfortable if you have any idea what’s going on, because it means everything has been heavily sprayed with cancer-causing pesticides, which they don’t know cause cancer, and which the government doesn’t regulate, so they just spray it all over everything.

Also on the issue of rats: sausages and other ground meat are often made out of rat. Or cat. Or dog. There’s no way to know, unless you’ve really honed your tastebuds, because they cover everything in hot spice.

All of this and more awaits you in the very near future. And if you’re in California, you’re already getting that sweet, sweet rat taste of vibrant enrichment.

And I just want to note: these people are not “further down on the path to development.” All of these countries have all of the modern technologies invented by white people. The fact that they didn’t invent them themselves over a period of decades and centuries means that a bunch of high-tech gets thrown at people who are adapted to live in jungle huts. That is where all of the chaos comes from.