California Ups the Ante on Forced Vaccinations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2019

The main tenet of democracy is that you are forced to do things against your will by an oppressive government which threatens to crush your very soul if you ever even suggest resisting.

An example of this is forcing you to inject mysterious substances into your body.

LA Times:

A contentious bill to tighten California’s school immunization law passed its first hurdle in the Legislature on Wednesday, after hundreds of parents lined the corridors of the state Capitol, alternatively pleading and demanding that lawmakers reject it.

The emotional testimony on the bill comes as a measles outbreak has put public health officials on high alert. More than 100 doctors and medical students spoke in favor of SB 276, which would empower the state health department to vet medical exemptions sought by physicians.

Sen. Richard Pan, a Sacramento physician and Democrat, introduced the legislation, which passed 6 to 2 on Wednesday in the Senate Health Committee. The Capitol hallways were hot and humid amid the mass turnout of mostly opponents, many of whom said their children were injured by vaccines.

More like Richard Panface.


One opponent called Pan a “tyrant,” another labeled his bill a “crime against humanity,” while a third urged the senator to abandon the proposal to “save your soul.”

California already has one of the strictest laws in the country requiring childhood immunizations in order to attend public or private schools, with exemptions allowed if a doctor says there is a medical reason to not have all or some shots. Pan said that 2015 law, which he wrote, has been exploited by some doctors, who are excusing children from vaccinations for questionable reasons such as for having asthma or diabetes.

Pan, who is chairman of the committee that heard the bill, stood stoically Wednesday at the front of the hearing room, having witnessed a similar turnout for his 2015 legislation.

Pan said a few unethical physicians who advertise medical exemptions for cash prompted him to propose the bill to create state oversight.

“California cannot allow a handful of unscrupulous physicians to put our children in danger, particularly babies too young to be vaccinated and children who genuinely need a medical exemption,” said Pan, a pediatrician.

The bill calls for all exemptions currently on file at schools to be sent to the public health agency by July 1, 2020, for possible review. The department would also maintain a database of exemptions that would allow officials to monitor which doctors are granting numerous exemptions.

“With these restrictions, this would force us to either take a gamble with our sons or it would put us in the difficult position of pulling my kids from public school,” said Adriane Hoeft of Roseville, who spoke in opposition to the bill.

Hoeft said her 10-year-old son, Otto Coleman, was paralyzed at 17 months old after receiving a series of vaccines. Coleman is able to attend public school with a medical exemption that allows him to skip other vaccines. His 8-year-old brother also has a medical exemption to forgo vaccines.

The majority of kids who are vaccinated do not become paralyzed. But some do. And others experience other noticable effects. We have no idea how many are being affected in ways that are not noticeable immediately.

When you have a government that can force children to inject mysterious and potentially very dangerous substances into their bodies, you do not have a free country. You have the most absurd form of tyranny.

All of these measles outbreaks are being spread by Jews, not because they are unvaccinated, but because they are filthy. Jews are literally dirtier than Pakistanis. They live in their own waste, and often simply defecate on the floor in their homes.

Goyim should not be punished because Jews are filthy.

And most of these vaccines are not even for the measles. They are shooting kids up with all sorts of mystery juice. Babies now get hundreds of vaccines, and the government forces them to take them because the government is paid off by pharmaceutical companies.

If you can only get these diseases if you are unvaccinated – which is the entire concept – then how are unvaccinated children a risk to vaccinated children?

Riddle me that.

This is just a totally corrupt agenda by multinational drug corporations working with the government to force people to take strange, experimental drugs that are shown to cause all kinds of health problems.

I don’t know if they cause autism or not. I tend to think they probably don’t, and that autism is more likely caused by plastic. But the fact that we don’t know is enough reason not to be shooting kids up with these strange chemicals. And what other issues are they causing?

We know they’ve given people brain damage, paralyzed them and killed them. And they could be doing all sorts of other things.

This is lunacy.

But they just claim it’s SCIENCE! so everyone bows down before the cult god.

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