California Über Alles: Lady Cop Killed in Mexican Gangland Style Ambush – By a Filipino!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2019

Mexican gangland style ambushes of police in Sacramento?

Carried out by Pinoys?

This is fine.

Just all part of the growing pains of creating a truly vibrant and diverse society.

And you’ve gotta admit: it’s really funny this bitch is dead.

Couldn’t have happened to a stupider bitch.

Sacramento Bee:

Sacramento police officials released jarring bodycam footage and confirmed details published in a Sacramento Bee report during a news conference Friday night regarding the shooting death of Officer Tara O’Sullivan.

The news conference, which began 9:20 p.m. from Sacramento Police Headquarters, included comments by Chief Daniel Hahn and began with police showing body cam footage of an officer, with a gun drawn, knocking on the door of a garage before gunfire erupts from behind. The video went on to show the officer, identified as O’Sullivan’s training officer, Daniel Chipp, taking cover and broadcasting the gunman’s use of a high-powered rifle.

Tara didn’t take cover. She just got shot and then died lol.

“The officers were essentially ambushed,” Hahn said in explaining how the events Wednesday unfolded.


The man charged with her murder, Adel Ramos, surrendered to police after an eight-hour standoff.

“Officers went to this location to gather belongings and they did learn (Ramos) had a misdemeanor warrant,” Chandler said in describing what the police knew about the suspect before the attack.

Another article in the Bee has his background. He’s an Ilocano, which are the ganglords of the flips.

O’Sullivan was one of four officers assisting an officer as he knocked on the door of a detached garage, where the woman wanted more belongings, after finding the front door of the house barricaded shut, Chandler said. By that time, officers had also learned Ramos had two firearms in the house.

He also confirmed previous Bee reporting that police recovered four weapons – two assault rifles, one handgun and one shotgun – inside the Redwood Avenue home where Ramos was. “He used all four. These four weapons were placed strategically throughout the house.” Chandler also said Ramos had barricaded the door and had a large cache of ammunition.

Chandler said that the first BearCat that responded to the incident was struck by gunfire multiple times as police went to rescue O’Sullivan.

“He typically shot rounds at officers anytime he observed any sort of movement. He fired at the armored cars and the officers multiple times,” Hahn said. “It is clear by the suspect’s actions that he was intent on murdering additional officers and was taking action to do just that, repeatedly shooting at officers throughout this incident.”

Officers called in the department’s BearCat, an armored vehicle housed at the police station at 300 Richards Blvd., after the first shots were fired. A patrol officer returned to the station from patrol, Chandler said, loaded the BearCat with equipment and went to the scene.

When they arrived, the BearCat was maneuvered through the back alley to enter the backyard. They knocked down the fence to make a rescue attempt while they continued to be fired upon.

“One officer exited the BearCat and returned fire at the suspect while multiple other officers rescued Tara,” Chandler said. “… as they backed out, the BearCat became disabled. … And that’s where multiple officers carried Tara in to a patrol vehicle and transported her to the hospital … a CHP officer was rendering aid.”

Man, where is the BearCat cam? How am I reading this and not watching it? I thought there was a law that this shit all had to be recorded? The one aspect of multiculturalism that actually has enriched my life is bodycam and dashcam videos of cops having shootouts with vibrants.

Remember that fat cop shooting that loose ape through his windshield when he tried to run him over in a stolen car?

That shit was so cash.

But seriously: BearCats are such retarded machines, I can’t even believe they exist.

They’re almost as pointless as the animal they’re named after.

Actually no. I prefer the weird animal named that.

There is basically no situation where the vehicle is useful. And I believe the animal is delicious. They’re going extinct because people can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet bearcat meat.

What I wouldn’t give for just one succulent, juicy morsel of bearcat…

Chandler said the reason the BearCat became disabled was “part of what we are processing” as police continue to review Wednesday’s incident.

“We are processing the scene still and examining exactly why the BearCat became disabled,” he said.

Probably the Pinoy shot the tires? As always happens in every single case where a BearCat is used during a shootout? Making the vehicle entirely pointless for its supposed purpose? And basically existing for the sole purpose of pouring taxpayer money into the militarization of the police, as if the government is envisioning the country as becoming a warzone in the near future?

Then you have that other problem.

You know.

Can’t forget that.

After the rescue, Ramos continued to fire on officers for the remainder of the eight-hour standoff, using for a time surveillance cameras he had set up around the backyard, Chandler said. In total, Chandler said Ramos fired at least 30 rounds before giving up.

“This was an ambush-style attack on Sacramento Police officers that lasted for hours. Under the most dangerous and trying circumstances, our officers performed admirably,” Hahn said. “The best proof we have that this is the case is by knowing no additional officers were killed by the suspect and no community members were injured or killed by the suspect.”


“Well, at least more people didn’t die.”

That should be the new slogan for multicultural America.

Or maybe just “well, at least everyone isn’t dead yet.”

I’ll generally white knight for flips, but Ilocanos are like, the number one hated tribe. It’s sort of a long story. But the Philippines isn’t really a nation-state, it’s just a bunch of islands with a whole bunch of different tribes. The country has 170 languages. There are 13 languages with over a million native speakers. And most of the people do not speak the national lingua franca very well at all and are just as likely to start speaking broken English between each other.

Anyway, yeah – Ilocanos have traveled throughout the islands to run various criminal (usually meth-related, but sometimes murder for hire, etc.) enterprises.

Ferdinand Marcos, who I generally like because he was a dictator, was Ilocano. He stole a whole shitton of money from the country and only appointed other Ilocanos in his government, and built a whole bunch of infrastructure and hospitals in Ilocos.

Current Flip leader Rody Duterte lionizes Marcos. But he’s a better guy. He’s not a tribalist and tries to deal fairly with all the tribes (possibly because he’s mixed with like three different tribes plus Chinese; although Marcos was also half Chinese).

I just wrote all that in place of “why was he in our country tho?”

Because, you know.

You know why.

I will say this: imagine what would happen if a white guy was in Asia and engaged in an eight-hour shootout with the cops, killing one.

Then imagine the official Asian response being: “Well, at least more people didn’t die.”


I wrote a country song about Bearcat (animal, not vehicle).

G minor, if you please.

He’s a wild one
He shows up on your farm, you’d better hussle
He means to do harm and you’re in for a tussle

He’s delicious if you eat em
But first you gotta beat em


My daddy met a bearcat
When I was only three
He killed my whole darn family
And now there’s only me

He’s a wild one

Someday I’ll find that bearcat
Who did my daddy wrong
I’ll make his hide into a bearhat
If it takes my whole life long



I’ll cut that track soon and put it on my upcoming country album, which will be available through iTunes and is tentatively entitled “Bearcat.” It’s a play on words, as it will contain songs about both the animal and the vehicle of that name.