California Tries to Resurrect Anti-Freedom Net Neutrality – Trump Immediately Sues

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

Net Neutrality is a global warming level hoax.

And it shant prevail in the Age of Trump.

The Verge:

The Justice Department has hit back against California’s attempt to restore net neutrality rules with a lawsuit that alleges state legislators are attempting to “subvert the Federal Government’s deregulatory approach.” The suit was announced jointly by representatives of the Justice Department and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (via USA Today).

As the most populous US state and home to many of the world’s largest tech companies, California’s net neutrality rules, passed into law Sunday, hold significant sway. The DoJ lawsuit is likely to become a key test of the federal government’s net neutrality legislation, establishing whether states have any right to enact their own rules that go against those imposed at the national level.

California isn’t the only state that’s attempting to restore net neutrality. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that as of August 27th, legislators from 30 states have introduced over 72 bills around various net neutrality principles. Governors in six states have signed executive orders, and Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have already adopted their own net neutrality rules following the FCC’s reversal.

“Once we establish California as a model of a state taking action, other states may follow, and then I think you may see some of corporate America say ‘OK, let’s have a federal law, because we don’t want to have to do different things in different states,’” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference in San Francisco, Politico reported.

The fight over net neutrality has prompted strong responses on both sides of the issue. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra lambasted the Trump Administration for ignoring the “millions” of Americans opposed to net neutrality’s repeal and said that California “will not allow a handful of power brokers to dictate sources for information or the speed at which websites load.”

If millions of people do support Net Neutrality then millions of people have no idea what the fuck it even is. Or millions of people are employed as shills by Netflix and YouTube.

The sickening Jew tech companies in Silicon Valley sold this as if it had something to do with free speech. Basically, they claimed that maybe Comcast or T-Mobile or one of the internet service providers might have a secret plan to censor people, even though they have never done that and there is no indication that they plan to.

What the law does is make it so Google, Netflix, etc. are allowed to use unlimited bandwidth without paying any form of premium on the bandwidth, which has, for obvious reasons, stopped telecom companies like Comcast from making any investments in their infrastructure.

It had absolutely nothing to do with censorship, and as Ajit Pai pointed out in his initial filing against NN – specifically citing the Daily Stormer, by the way – it is the tech companies themselves that are doing the censoring while whining about how maybe Comcast might do it some day.

Net Neutrality is not even tangentially connected to any issue of free speech. This person is a Netflix shill or a retard.

The repeal of Net Neutrality also included a ban on telecom companies censoring traffic. So that is already illegal. Any attempt to argue for Net Neutrality at this point is just shilling for video streaming services to not have to pay anything extra for the fact that they use most of the internet’s bandwidth.

An analogy: semi-trucks have to pay a premium to drive on roads, because they do more damage to the roads, thus costing taxpayers more money to fix them.

That’s what weigh stations are for.

“Net Neutrality” would be no different than “road neutrality,” which would be a system that said that no matter how heavy a truck is, it cannot be taxed extra for using the roads, and the people who pay for the roads just have to deal with it.

The internet is a series of tubes, and you can’t just dump things on it.

What we need is a real Net Neutrality, which says that the content itself must be considered “neutral” – not the amount of bandwidth the content uses. Silicon Valley – not Comcast – is the one doing the censoring, so they’re the ones who need neutrality forced on them by the government.

You could even use the term “Net Neutrality” for the program, since they’ve hyped it all up. And it fits.

Ajit Pai is standing by and waiting for Trump to pull the trigger.

No judge and no Congressional body can stop Trump from telling the FCC to write a ruling that says Silicon Valley isn’t allowed to censor political speech.