California: Stockton Starts $500 No-Strings Monthly Payments in Universal Basic Income Trial

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2019

After Finland discovered that throwing money at people without requiring anything of them doesn’t make them more likely to find a job, California’s Stockton decided it was a good idea to try that again anyways. Just in case. You never know.

The Sacramento Bee:

Stockton is giving free money to some residents as part of a new universal basic income experiment. Starting Friday, 130 residents will receive $500 a month for 18 months through a program called the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED)

After months of planning, Stockton is sending debit cards loaded with $500 to a select group of residents starting Friday as part of a closely watched experiment in universal basic income, the first led by a U.S. city.

“The need has only been reiterated” in the last few weeks of preparation, SEED director Sukhi Samra said. “Folks are ready to use this money to pay bills, to save for the future, to pay off debt and pay for medicine.”

Each month for 18 months, 130 adults living in the city’s lower-income neighborhood will receive $500 to spend however they want. Researchers with SEED will track, study and analyze how the income boost affects residents’ spending and saving habits, and how it influences other factors such as quality of life and financial stability.

“I think (the program) will make people work better and smarter and harder,” Mayor Michael Tubbs told NPR last year. “We’re not just designed just to work all day and run a rat race. We’re designed to be in community, to volunteer, to vote, to raise our kids. And I think the more inputs and investments we can give in people to do those things, the better off we are as a community.

Researchers will regularly check in with recipients to conduct quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews — “How are people feeling? How are people spending money? Are people spending more time with families? How are health outcomes changing?” Samra said.

Of course, no one wants to be a wage slave.

But don’t let them trick you.

Every policy for social benefit without strong borders is a policy of replacement.

Welfare State without strong borders is white genocide.

This isn’t about improving the well-being “of people.” It’s about further stripping whites of the wealth they generate and giving it to their replacements.

They’re forcing white people to pay for their replacements.

Demographics are changing.

Who generates wealth and invents stuff isn’t.

Blacks are not going to produce the wealth needed to implement a Universal Basic Income that also benefits all white people. Mexicans and Central Americans are not going to produce that either. Neither will Indian H-1B “citizens.”

If we had hermetic borders we could go ahead and see what happens with these universal income things, sure. It may very well result in white geniuses doing white genius stuff, or it may not. But it would benefit our people exclusively.

This Stockton trial will likely include some whites, sure, but the endgame here isn’t to benefit whites. Implementing country-wide Universal Basic Income may appear to benefit whites, but unless it is accompanied by closed borders effective at stopping invaders, it would just increase the speed of the demographic embrowning.

The Great Border Wall is critical.