California Rolls Into Full Lockdown, Curfew, No Holidays

California’s one place in America where you would think you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the flu. It’s warm, it’s not especially over-urbanized.

But don’t let that fool you.

You need to worry about the flu – a lot. And you need to ruin your life, economy, and relationships with your family.

Unless you’re rich or you work for the government, in which case – party on, my dude.


California added 15,442 new coronavirus cases, hitting a new high as the state’s evening curfew kicks in Saturday night.

The cases topped Friday’s record of 13,005 infections, bringing the total to almost 1.1 million. The number of deaths increased by 86 to 18,643, state data showed. The increased patient load left California’s hospitals with just 1,921 intensive-case unit beds available, near the low in July.

A 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew will be imposed in most counties for a month to ease the rate of infection, affecting areas that encompass 37 million people, or 94% of the population.

Governor Gavin Newsom said earlier in the week that the curfew will stop nonessential work and gatherings to “flatten the curve again,” reflecting growing alarm among state officials as the third wave of coronavirus infections to hit the state gathers momentum.

Wait, flatten the curve?

We’re trying to do that again?

I thought we were just trying to prevent infections. Or is that the new meaning of “flatten the curve”?

The jump in California cases come as infections across the U.S. have surpassed 12 million, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended against all travel on cruise ships, citing the high risk of infection.

Officials have also urged residents to avoid travel and scale back Thanksgiving gatherings — or cancel them altogether. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted Saturday to remind residents to celebrate virtually or only with members of the same household.

Yes, celebrate your holidays virtually. With your family.

Better yet – celebrate your holidays virtually with VR Konojo.

Not only can she not give you a virus, but she can’t hurt you emotionally either. Because emotional harm is also a virus, and you must protect yourself from that too!