California: Republicans Launch “Campaign of Lies” to Trick People Into Believing in Mail-In Voting

You wouldn’t think the Republicans would be trying to hoax people with mail-in voting…

But they are!


California Republicans will launch a campaign on Friday to convince conservatives to trust the state’s mail-in balloting system, hoping to boost turnout in the election to recall Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, party officials said.

The party will roll out videos on its digital platforms showing Republican Party officials mailing their ballots and urging supporters to vote early in the Sept. 14 election, according to footage seen exclusively by Reuters and interviews with party leaders.

Polls show Republicans are highly motivated to vote in the election to recall Newsom, a liberal Democrat who has faced criticism over his policies on COVID-19, immigration and crime. But they have been turning in early ballots at half the rate of Democrats, who outnumber Republicans in California more than two-to-one.

In addition to mail-in voting, voters can return their ballots to drop boxes or vote in person on Sept. 14. Many Republicans are expected to wait until election day.

Privately, Republican leaders acknowledged that false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election by former President Donald Trump and others in large part created the reticence about mail-in voting.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in mail-in voting or not. It’s still going to be a fraud.

I’ve said since the 2020 election hoax: Republican voters should boycott the vote. All you are doing by engaging with this fraudulent system is lending credibility to the fraud.

Of course the Republican Party doesn’t want you to just stop voting outright.

But what has the Republican Party done for you lately?

  • Did they prevent child trannies?
  • Did they stop the virus hoax?
  • Did they even defend Donald Trump after the election was stolen from him through fraud?


They do absolutely nothing.

“But the Democrats are worse” is not a reason to vote, and it’s increasingly becoming obvious that this isn’t even true.

Don’t vote!