California Nightmare: Larry Elder Says Why He Lost, Doesn’t Mention Mail-In Voting

Larry Elder’s ads were so on-point that fraud is literally the only possible way he could have lost.

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, I said the articles were really shitty, but today I would have a special surprise. Well, here it is: the exclusive Hoax Watch review of a part of a Newsweek article with Larry Elder. Mostly, it was a reference to turning blaxpoloitation film posters into Larry Elder campaign ads. Enjoy. 

Newsweek is now framing itself as a right-wing website that supports brutal black white supremacist extremists like Larry Elder.

Newsweek is actually owned by a Korean cult, so they have no specific slant other than what might help them zip up the slopes.

Larry Elder gave an interview to Newsweek this week immediately after he lost the California recall election, and he didn’t say anything interesting.

Newsweek: Why did you lose to Gavin Newsom?

Elder: Because he outspent me five to one and we’re outnumbered two-to-one Democrat compared to Republican. Even independents outnumber Republicans in California, and Newsom was successfully able to scare people into thinking I’d do everything but reenact slavery. The only actual issue he discussed was that I am anti-vax, which I’m not. I would have had a very different approach to coronavirus, and that’s accurate. He never defended his record on crime, homelessness, how he shut down the economy or how he shut down schools while his kids were enjoying in-person private education and he was yucking it up at the French Laundry while incurring a $12,000 wine tab. I don’t know what he was drinking, but it sure wasn’t Mad Dog 2020. He didn’t mention wildfires and how he mismanaged forests, or a water shortage, or rolling brownouts, or how people are leaving California for the first time. All he did was say “Republican takeover” over and over and show Larry Elder and Donald Trump side-by-side, and it worked, because 83 percent of Democrats believe Trump is a racist, and 61 percent believe all Republicans are racist slash sexist slash bigoted.

Larry Elder only drinks Mad Dog 2020. He really is black, even if he is racist against other blacks.

To be fair, the super taste of Mad Dog 2020 did win an Oscar. Larry Elder himself used to do ads for the amazingly tasty beverage.

The point here, that I’ve been making and will continue to make, is that there is no way to know who won the election, because it is a fake election. Probably, Gavin Newsom would have won either way, because Democrats are racists. But we don’t know, because the election was done entirely through the mail, and this is not a serious way to run an election. Whoever is going to commit the most fraud is going to win, and obviously Democrats will commit more fraud.

But there is no mention of fraud in this interview.

In fact, there is no mention of mail-in voting.

Those six times “mail” is mentioned is Newsweek trying to trick you into signing up for their mailing list.

Apparently, it is the official policy of the Republicans to pretend like these mail-in elections are real. In fact, California Republicans were running a campaign to tell people that mail-in voting is real.

The media and government are claiming that Newsom won by 2-to-1.

But there are zero checks and balances.

They could have just made that number up outright, and no one would have any ability to call them on it.

The Democrat-run government literally mailed a ballot to everyone in the state, whether they requested one or not. There were just ballots floating around everywhere, waiting to be filled out and dropped off. What’s more, when you print that many ballots, you’re going to have extras just laying around everywhere, waiting to be loaded up on trucks, filled out, and dropped back off.

This is what the “vote” looks like:

A bunch of smarmy AWFLs with boxes of ballots.

I think everyone gets the point with regards to the ridiculousness of mail-in voting, but that isn’t so much what is amazing. Of course Democrats are going to do whatever crimes they can get away with.

The amazing thing is that Republicans are just outright surrendering, saying that the Democrats can do fake elections and they won’t even mention it.

When they ask Larry Elder why he lost, his answer should be “we don’t even know if I did lose – no one knows because mail-in voting is a ridiculous hoax.”

I guess I can believe that Elder would in theory lose, but this election was setting a standard for the elections of 2022. Democrats want to make every election full mail-in. Republicans were universally opposed to that, but now they seem to have capitulated.

It doesn’t really matter to me at this point, I’m aware it’s all fake. I will not ever vote in any election, and I will encourage others not to vote. Everyone should be boycotting outright.

But Republicans are, sickeningly, just moving on like nothing has changed.

Believing in elections at this point is like believing in the coronavirus.

California election verdict?