California Moves to Make It Illegal to Remove Condom During Sex Without Notifying Women

“You’ll have no choice but to respect women now.”

When condom removal becomes a crime… real men become criminals.

New York Post:

California lawmakers moved to make the state the first to outlaw “stealthing,” which is removing a condom without permission during intercourse.

Legislators sent Gov. Gavin Newsom a bill on Tuesday adding the act to the state’s civil definition of sexual battery. It makes it illegal to remove the condom without obtaining verbal consent.

But it doesn’t change the criminal code. Instead, it would amend the civil code so that a victim could sue the perpetrator for damages, including punitive damages.

Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia has been pushing for the legislation since 2017, when a Yale University study said acts of stealthing were increasing against both women and gay men. Her original bill attempted to make it a crime.

Cristina Garcia will decide what you’re allowed to do with your penis.

She knows exactly the kinds of things naked penises should be doing, and secretly entering women’s vaginas isn’t one of them.

Also Tuesday, the state Senate moved to treat the rape of a spouse the same as the rape of a non-spouse. The bill removes an exemption to the rape law if the victim is married to the perpetrator.California is one of 11 states that distinguish between spousal rape and other forms of sexual assault. The bill’s supporters said the distinction lingers from a time when women were expected to obey their husbands.

Those convicted of spousal rape currently can be eligible for probation instead of prison or jail, although there is no difference in the maximum penalties. Those convicted of spousal rape also must register as sex offenders only if the act involved the use of force or violence and the spouse was sentenced to state prison.

The bill passed, 36-0. It returns to the Assembly for a final vote before lawmakers adjourn for the year on Friday.

This is quite a bit wacky, no?

I mean, it’s your penis.

It’s not the government’s penis.

Of course, as things are now with the rape hoax industrial complex: the women don’t have to prove anything. They can just say it, and it is taken by the court as fact.

Feminism necessarily devolves into tyranny and the enslavement of men to a totally vaginal order of control.

It’s no wonder that the feminists are so on board with gay sex and the virus hoax.