California Mandates Face Masks All the Time

One positive thing I could say about California historically is despite its problems there were still some places there that were “chill.” There is no way to cross forced mask wearing with chillness. These things are in direct opposition to one another. Because masks ruin any vibe.

Arnold and Jerry Brown were both more chilled out than Gavin Newsom.

The point that I want you to understand is that this whole black lives thing has just been an intermission for the coronavirus agenda. Now, these two agendas are going to be combined into a new weird program of a “no police police state.”

The fact that the media stopped talking about coronavirus for three weeks doesn’t mean they learned anything, or accepted any of the actual science behind the issue.

This nightmare has only just begun.

You showed the government and the media that you are willing to give up all of your rights because you’re afraid of the flu, and that isn’t something they’re ever going to forget.