California Man Kills Own Small Kids in Mexico – Media Blames QAnon Theories

Freeze it. Enhance.
Positive match. Identity confirmed.

Well, what would you do if you discovered that your children had serpent DNA?

It’s funny how the media reflexively assumes that his children did not have serpent DNA.

NBC News:

A California surfing school owner who was charged with killing his two children in Mexico is a follower of QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories who thought the children “were going to grow into monsters so he had to kill them,” federal officials alleged.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, 40, was charged Wednesday with foreign murder of U.S. nationals in connection with the death of his 2-year-old son and his 10-month-old daughter, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California. Authorities said Coleman confessed to the killings and told the FBI that he used a spear fishing gun to stab them.

A criminal complaint alleges that he told the FBI that he killed his children because he believed they “were going to grow into monsters” and that conspiracy theories led him to believe that his wife had passed down her “serpent DNA” to the children.

Coleman’s wife, identified only by her initials, contacted Santa Barbara police after her husband had taken the kids out on Saturday but didn’t tell her where they were going, the complaint said. She grew concerned after he failed to respond to her messages, and, knowing that her husband didn’t have a car seat with him, she called police.

That sounds like something a reptilian would do, actually.

A missing person’s report was filed Sunday, and officers asked her to use Apple’s Find My iPhone feature to see whether she could find Coleman, the complaint said. The program showed Coleman’s last known location in Rosarito, Mexico, it said.

Police alerted the FBI to the investigation as it became a case of suspected parental kidnapping. Coleman was detained Monday after an inspection by border protection agents of his van upon his re-entry into the U.S., where agents didn’t see his children and found blood in the vehicle, authorities said.

The complaint alleges that Coleman confessed to the killings upon being interviewed Monday and gave authorities the location of the murder weapon and the discarded bloody clothing. He also identified two bodies recovered by Mexican authorities as those of his children, it said.

According to the complaint, Coleman said that he knew what he did was wrong but that “it was the only course of action that would save the world.”

“Serpent DNA” is a likely to be a reference to the “lizard people” conspiracy theory, which falsely purports that reptilian aliens secretly run the world and have taken over important positions in government, banking and Hollywood.

Gotta put that “falsely” in there.

Just in case the reader became confused by the nature of this claim.

The complaint says Coleman told authorities that he learned about “serpent DNA” through QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories, even though the lizard people conspiracy theory predates both by several decades.

The believers in each conspiracy theory have melded together over the last several years because conspiracy theory influencers and algorithms on social media frequently lump the theories together.

QAnon is a more recent conspiracy theory premised on the belief that a similar global cabal at the top of the U.S. government is secretly murdering and eating children and that Donald Trump was quietly working to defeat them during his time in office.

Anthony Quinn Warner, who bombed his own RV outside an AT&T building in Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Day, claimed that lizard people were taking over Hollywood and the U.S. government. Warner died and three other people were injured.

The whole media is saying this.

You know, there was a time when people would acknowledge this as a human tragedy before politicizing a child-killing.

At least, I assume there was such a time.

Regardless of media shilling, no one ever murdered their children because of a conspiracy theory they read on the internet.

It’s almost painful to have to say something so obvious, but the reason a person murders his children is that he is insane. There is no other reason you would do that.

If we wanted to politicize this, we would maybe ask if there was anything that had been going on recently that would drive a person insane. Like maybe, some 18-month-long society-destroying virus hoax, or something like that, which could easily cause a person to be driven over the edge.

He looks like a nice, normal guy.

It’s a sick thing to blame the internet for this.

Especially in light of the fact that I’ve not read a single article blaming the internet for Chris Chan feeding his mother semen-laced scrambled eggs.

I’m not saying that the internet should be blamed for Chris Chan, and in fact I’ve said the opposite – but clearly, if we’re looking out across the media landscape, and looking for human tragedy to blame on the internet, Chris Chan sticks out.