California Makes Universal Vote by Mail Permanent

I don’t understand what this meme means. I’ve been looking at it for like ten minutes and I don’t understand it. I thought I did for a second, then I lost it. Anyway, the whole “voter ID” debate is permanently solved by mail-in voting. You don’t need an ID to vote by mail!

If anyone still had any remaining illusions about how we’re going to vote our way out of our problems, you can go ahead and give up forever.


As first reported by the L.A. Times, California’s universal voting by mail will become a permanent feature for every registered, active voter in the state after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 37 into law on Monday.

California is first, but every other state is next.

(Kinda funny that the guy who won an election through mail-in ballot fraud is the one deciding to make it permanent.)

And it is simply not possible to prevent fraud with a mail-in system. This mail-in system is the worst possible form of mail-in system, designed to maximize fraud, but any mail-in system makes fraud inevitable.

The voting thing is completely and totally over.

Anyone talking about voting at this point is stupid and dangerous, or an outright shill, intent on confusing you and wasting your time.

We need to spend our energy in more productive ways.