California: Lynching Hoax Declared a Hoax, Ruled a Suicide

It doesn’t matter if this is declared a suicide, because every single sane person already knew it was a suicide.

The insane will still continue to claim it was a lynching, and the media will keep suggesting that it was probably a lynching.


The death of a black man found hanging from a tree, sparking fears that he had been lynched amid US anti-racism protests, has been ruled a suicide.

Robert Fuller, 24, had a history of mental illness and took his own life, said officials in Palmdale, California.

A post-mortem examination had returned an initial finding of suicide, but this was rejected by Mr Fuller’s family, prompting a further investigation.

His death last month came amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Mr Fuller had attended a Black Lives Matter protest on the eve of his death.

The fatality on 10 June in the high desert city of Palmdale, about 60 miles (96km) north of Los Angeles, shook the black community in the Antelope Valley.

Remember – the cops said this was a suicide, everyone knew the person had a history of mental illness and talked about suicide, but the media provoked people into rioting anyway.

These were large events. Many blacks believed the media theory.

You expect people at that level to accept that this was a suicide, after the media stirred them up in this way?

No, no.

That will not happen.

It makes zero difference in these people’s minds if it is declared a hoax. That’s why the media promotes these hoaxes. They know it doesn’t matter if it’s proved a hoax, everyone the hoax was targeted at will still believe it. They do this on purpose to spread mass hysteria and confusion in society.

What’s more, they absolutely will keep bringing this up and insinuating that it was a lynching. They still bring up Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as victims, even though both of them were proved to be violent attackers who were killed in self-defense.

There is no connection to reality in any of this. It is all just unhinged lunacy.

It is criminal what the Jewish media is doing to this country.