California: Hitler Speech Played Over High School Stadium Loudspeakers!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2017

The Baby Boomers sold us down the river. They pissed away our entire ancient heritage on sex, drugs and rock and roll. Then consumerism and debt and mass immigration and wars and whatever else made them feel good.

The Millennials struggled to deal with their downward situation.

Generation Z – what we call “Generation Zyklon” – is just pissed off. They are rising up, they are rebelling.

And to you brave young lads I say: GODSPEED and HEIL HITLER.

Ventura County Star:

Ventura County sheriff’s deputies are investigating reports that a speech by Adolf Hitler was played over the public address system at the Newbury Park High School stadium over the weekend after a possible break-in at the press box.

Sheriff’s Detective Tim Lohman said callers who apparently live in the neighborhood reported hearing the speech Saturday night and songs played the previous night.

Deputies did not find anyone inside the facility either night but confiscated a CD on Saturday, when the speech was reportedly played.

Lohman said he did not know what was on the CD, which has been entered into evidence. No suspects have been identified, he said.

Lohman said he did not know whether there were any security cameras or witnesses. It was also unclear whether someone broke into the facility or entered through an unlocked door.

School officials could not be reached Monday for comment.

Assistant Sheriff Bill Ayub said incidents involving neo-Nazi graffiti and comments occur sporadically around Ventura County but are not pervasive.

We are creating an entirely new subculture among the youth.

And that needs to continue to be our focus. For all of us, that needs to be our focus.

It is the most important thing.

Don’t spend your time arguing with old people. They are set in their ways. All of your energy should be put into helping this up and coming generation get ready for war.

That is the end of it. That is our goal.

Nothing else matters.

We must rise.

Hail Victory.

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