California Governor Signs Bills Against Single-Family Zoning Laws

The plan is to flood every white neighborhood with hood blacks.

Democrats view blacks as a bioweapon.

I don’t know why this doesn’t hurt black people’s feelings. If someone tried to get me to move in with someone they hate as punishment, my feelings would be hurt by that.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed three housing bills last week after he beat back a recall effort, all aimed at rolling back local single-family zoning laws and encouraging new housing to be built, especially dense housing developments.

SB 8, SB 9, and SB 10 were all signed into law on Thursday, Sep. 16.

SB 8 overrides some local government authority to reduce the capacity of housing projects; and SB 10 promotes high-density developments in certain urban areas.

The most controversial of the three is SB 9, which would allow homeowners to split single-family lots into two, and allow them to build duplexes on each, without the approval of local authorities, and regardless of single-family zoning in those areas.

Are the hobos gonna start setting up multi-unit tents?

The idea is to encourage more housing units to be built, providing more supply and potentially lowering prices. However, the law is not likely to promote much new housing in urban areas like San Francisco, though it may have an impact in the suburbs. concluded that while the “nightmare scenario” of ending single-family housing in the state would not likely occur, SB 9 “would probably have a negligible impact on the California housing crisis, at least in the short-term.”

Black people don’t care about this, and would actually almost certainly be against it.

They constantly complain about how whites move into their neighborhoods, so why would they want to move into white neighborhoods?

This whole zoning thing proves more than anything else that Democrats do not “care” about black people – they only view them in terms of how they can use them as a weapon against white people.