California Funding Cut Over Too Many White Students Shows Why You Shouldn’t Fill Out ‘White’ On ZOG Forms

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2017

Asian privilege means you can drink a 12 pack and get behind the wheel of a car without getting a DUI due to cops assuming it’s just how you drive.

Black privilege is engaging in behavior that would get a white man put in a mental institution, yet always being able to count on 10th and 11th chances due to (((elites))) coddling you like a retarded baby animal.

Jewish privilege entails being 48% of U.S. billionaires, while at the same time presenting yourself as a disenfranchised and persecuted minority standing up for the every(non-white)man.

But white privilege, the most institutionally prolific, is different. White people are actively excluded from jobs, grants, public and private ventures – openly and overtly, due to their race.

So white students don’t need the money their parents pay into tax coffers to educate them. Welcome to “Ascendant America.”

Daily News:

Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood is one of nine schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District facing staff cuts and in turn larger class sizes because the percentage of nonwhite students has dipped below 70 percent.

Following a 1978 Los Angeles Superior Court-ordered integration program, LAUSD schools in neighborhoods with large minority populations get more funding when the proportion of white students is below 30 percent.

The nonwhite population at Reed Middle School has fallen below the 70 percent mark for the past two years, according to a March 22 letter sent to parents from Local District Northeast Superintendent Linda Del Cueto. The district has continued to fund the school as if it still met the 70 percent threshold of Hispanic, black, Asian and non-Anglo students. But in the fall, the school will no longer be counted as predominantly minority.

If total enrollment doesn’t change, that could mean cutting five teaching positions and one counselor position, said Sandra Gephart Fontana, instructional director for Local District East. Fontana also wanted to allay fears that surfaced at a March 15 meeting with parents that one nurse and one librarian position could be cut. However, she said those cuts were never on the table.

Most LAUSD schools do qualify as predominantly Hispanic, black, Asian or non-Anglo, Fontana said. The other eight schools that will lose that status because of changing demographics are 3rd Street Elementary (Hancock Park), Broadway Elementary (Venice), Dahlia Heights Elementary (Eagle Rock), Knollwood Preparatory Academy Elementary (Granada Hills), Plainview Academic Charter Academy (Tujunga), Stonehurst Avenue Elementary (Sun Valley), Emerson Community Charter (Westwood) and Grant High (Valley Glen), according to LAUSD spokeswoman Barbara Jones.

Carol Kiernan Convey, coordinator for the parent-teacher-student group Friends of Reed, believes the data about the school’s demographics are incorrect. She said she has heard from more than 15 mixed-ethnicity couples with children at the school who are censoring themselves when identifying their ethnicity in district documents. They’re concerned that in the current political climate, where immigration and deportation have become high-profile topics, identifying as nonwhite could have consequences, she said.

“The feeling is you must be Caucasian or white to get the most advantages,” she said of the response she’s encountered from parents.

“We’re going to have to work harder to get people to fill out the forms correctly … because they need to know that helps us,” she said. “It helps us to celebrate our diversity and when you’re of a mixed household, claim that.”

In LA, any school with more than 30% of whites in the student body loses funding. This is the only group the policy applies to.

Anyone who thinks anti-white animosity will be reduced if whites continue to decline have something else coming to them. The fewer whites there are, the more violent, petty, and primitive the racial attacks become. The USA will become an even more violent version of South Africa, due to the heavily entrenched and large Jewish population leading the fray.

The cat-lady in charge of this isn’t challenging the district’s race-based distribution of school funds. Instead, she is telling students to say they are not white.

As a passive, individual form of civic disobedience, this is not a bad idea. Never fill out white on a government form, the only thing you gain from that is massive disadvantages – some open, some subtle. The U.S. government uses census data when looking for white neighborhoods to destroy, students to subtract points from on exams, and when hiring.

Paris “I Identify as Black” Jackson is proof you can get away with this. 

Put down “Hispanic” or “Native American” or some other made up race to protect yourself from discrimination. Say your great grandma is a Cherokee or if you have a German/Irish name that you are an Argentine if they question you. This will create tension within the system. Throwing a wrench in the machine on a wide enough scale will force the issue out into light, and make them engage in ridiculous acts like DNA testing people like Shaun King to get a job.

It’s the current year in these here United States. Whoever is in power, on the local, state and federal level, the system is your racial enemy.