California: Firefighter Does Workplace Shooting, Kills One, Burns His Own House Down

Remember when I said that even if the virus was real, saving a few old people wouldn’t be worth the damage that the Virus Regime would do to the social order?

Mass shootings and workplace murders are now a daily occurrence. You see, all men carry with them a certain level of guilt, of stress, of anger – most men are able to hold that in, to keep themselves together, because that’s what men are supposed to do. In the age of feminism of course, this internal struggle has gotten much worse, as there is not a man who makes it to middle age who hasn’t had his life destroyed by multiple women in succession (starting with his mother).

Some men hold things together better than others. But if you unleash a brutal amount of new, external pressure – which is what the lockdowns, the masks, the public lunacy has done – men start to crack.

But hey – a firefighter lighting his own house on fire is pretty funny.

LA Times:

An off-duty firefighter killed a fellow firefighter and critically wounded a captain in a shooting at Agua Dulce fire station Tuesday morning, officials said.

The suspect then fled to his home on Bent Spur Drive, about 10 miles away. Within minutes, that home was on fire, and by 3 p.m., it had been reduced to near rubble by the flames.

A person believed to be the suspect was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in a small pool on the property, according to sheriff’s officials.

Los Angeles County Fire Department Chief Daryl L. Osby said it was a “tragic day for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.”

“As a fire chief, I never thought that when our firefighters face danger, that they would face that danger in one of our community fire stations,” Osby said.

The deceased victim, who has not yet been identified, was a 44-year-old firefighter who had been with the department for more than 20 years.

The second victim, a 54-year-old fire captain, was transported to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, where he remains in critical but stable condition.

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the motive is still under investigation.

The motivation was that he just couldn’t take it anymore – obviously.

It’s the same motivation as everyone else who has been shooting up their workplaces this week.

I’m sure he was divorced, or in the process of a divorce, and the burning of the house was a symbolic act.

It’s a wonder that the state’s decision to incentivize women just completely destroying the lives of men and taking everything from them didn’t cause these events to happen every day when they started it back in the 70s. But the fake pandemic has added the pressure needed to make people snap.

This isn’t going to slow down. Nowhere is safe anymore. Anyone you know could at any point snap and kill you, or a neighbor you don’t know could snap and kill you.

Of course, you face a greater threat from the blacks, who the government is in the process of working up into a frenzy of anti-white hatred.

You should probably move out of the city.