California: Everyone Officially Banned from the Streets by the Governor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2020

Things are getting real heavy, real quick.

New York Times:

America’s most populous state is ordering its residents to stay indoors.

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California on Thursday ordered Californians — all 40 million of them — to stay in their houses as much as possible in the coming weeks as the state confronts the escalating coronavirus outbreak. The order represents the most drastic measure any governor has taken to control the virus, and a decision that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, which has far more cases than California, has resisted taking.

Mr. Newsom made the announcement from the state’s emergency operations center in Sacramento, normally a place where emergency workers coordinate responses to wildfires and earthquakes, and spoke in stark terms of the risk that the coronavirus posed to the population.

Citing a model that state planners have been using, suggesting that 56 percent of Californians, or more than 25 million people, could be infected over eight weeks, Mr. Newsom said, “I think it’s time I tell you what I tell my family.”

“This is not a permanent state, this is a moment in time,” he said. “We will look back at these decisions as pivotal.”

Mr. Newsom said that most retail shops, including indoor malls, are being ordered shut across the state. Also closed are most corporate offices. Banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats and some other businesses are exempted.

Officials emphasized that the orders did not bar residents from leaving their homes, and they encouraged people to take walks, as long as they stay six feet apart, and visit grocery stores.

You know who the real victim is here, right?

The feelings of “Asian Americans.”

Mr. Newsom did, however, say that the state would be “more aggressively” policing xenophobic attacks against Asians. “We are better than that,” Mr. Newsom said.

Theoretically, full quarantine is the solution to the disease.

However, I cannot stress enough that this is theoretical. In real life, the government could be using this for any purpose at all.

And I certainly do not trust the government to have my best interests in mind.

We must ask: Is this disease even really a problem at all?

I’ve been reading so much about it that I feel like I’m unable to take an objective view.

Theoretically, it could kill a lot of people, but most likely, it will only kill 5% of boomers, which is like, not a problem at all for anyone.

One thing we can say for sure is that the California model of “shelter in place” is going to be used across the entire country.

The problem that I’m seeing is that only 150 people have died. Which is not a lot of people.

150 deaths out of 8,898 infections is a 1.69% fatality rate. And these are basically all old people and people with existing conditions.

This is after the fact that we’ve had the virus spreading completely out of control for months.

So I think if hell was going to be unleashed, that already would have happened.

This is the series of events:

  1. China declares emergency, locks down cities
  2. US does nothing, continues to allow flights in from China and flies in “evacuees,” seemingly purposefully allowing them to spread the virus
  3. The virus spreads a little bit in the US
  4. Flights from China are finally banned
  5. Italy becomes a hotspot
  6. The virus spreads a little bit more in the US
  7. Flights from Europe are banned
  8. Celebrities start getting the virus
  9. People buy all the toilet paper
  10. The stock market collapses
  11. Money printer goes brrrrr
  12. The government starts saying it’s a crisis
  13. The country is finally locked down

It is the dumbest possible series of events.

And the issue is: we still don’t have a lot of people dying in the US.

What I’m thinking now is the most likely thing: the conspiracy is what comes after this disease. They are going to use this as a pretext for a total monitoring system and forced vaccinations. Probably, people will have to get the Mark of the Beast to prove they have their vaccination in order to allow them to go to the store.

It would be interesting to know what Aryan Jones is saying about all of this, but we cannot know what he is saying because he is banned from everything.

Oh, but wait – here’s a secret copy of his show from Thursday!

I’m looking out, and seeing a potential future, like out of the Bible.

Is this what it looks like to see a New World Order coming into view?

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