California: Control Freak Whores Fill Skate Park with Sand, Dirt Bikers Take It Over

The coronavirus hoax is the ultimate fantasy of women come to life.

If you want to understand the difference between men and women, think about how much you as a man think about sex. Then imagine that as much as you think sex, women think about going around and forcing people to follow rules. They get the same pleasure out of forcing people to do something as you do when you ejaculate.

It feels really great when these terrible whores get thwarted.

Fox News:

California officials who closed a popular skate park and filled it with 37 tons of sand in hopes of keeping residents away during the coronavirus outbreak have inadvertently turned the recreational site into a dirt biker’s paradise.

A video posted on Instagram this week shows riders catching air at Ralph’s Skate Court in San Clemente despite the city’s effort to enforce social distancing.

“The fact the city put the sand in there to try to social distance everyone – I think it’s a big joke,” Connor Ericsson, who posted the video, told KUSI News. “These kids are cooped up inside their houses, they just want to go to the skate park and have some fun.”

Another video on his account shows locals shoveling up the sand and placing it into buckets.

“As soon as the skaters showed up, we got a broom and a shovel and we helped them sweep that thing out, get the sand out there so they could do a little social shredding themselves,” Ericsson added.

The city of San Clemente first closed all parks and put up “no trespassing” signs on April 1 to contain the spread of the virus. The sand was added last week after officials “saw people continue to skate the park,” Samantha Wylie, the city’s parks manager, told the San Clemente Times.

“It appeared the closure was not being abided by,” she added.

The abiding has been in overdrive as of late.

But the reaction to an overload of abiding is going to be a refusal to abide.

God bless these boys for getting out in front of this, and refusing to abide.

I hope Samantha Wylie has a seizure.