California: City Council Now Staffed Exclusively by Pervert Lunatics

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2017

We might not have to wait until 2070 for state-enforced homosexuality after all.

Believe in the slippery slope yet?

How did we go from “maybe you shouldn’t bog faggots, it aint’ cool maaaaan” to having city councils exclusively composed of homos and trannies?

I’m thinking: Jews.

Life Site News:

The second openly transgender man to hold elected office won a seat on the Palm Springs City Council earlier this month, making the council entirely composed of homosexual members.


Don’t worry, cis-scum, these fine men… women… things are certain to give you fair representation. They won’t completely disregard the concerns of conservative Christians and turn your city into a cesspool of degeneracy. At least, not anymore than it already is.

Transgendered “Lisa” Middleton and openly bisexual Christy Holstege won handily in the desert vacation town, which used to be overwhelmingly Republican but during the past two decades has become a huge “Mecca” for homosexual retirees. The two join homosexuals Geoff Kors and J.R. Roberts on the four-member council.

“The election of an all-LGBTQ+ city council is a reminder that confusion and hostility towards traditional sexual ethics is commonplace in our society,” Chelsen A. Vicari, evangelical programs director for the Institute on Religion & Democracy, told LifeSiteNews. “All the more reason for Christians to strengthen our public witness and share the moral clarity, freedom, and grace of Jesus Christ with our broken world.”

I think it’s a little too late for that, fam, at least in this city. A more productive use of time would be to pack your bags before the town is nuked.

Will it be nuked by a vengeful God, or by Alt-Right freedom fighters? Only the future will tell.

“The big question is will religious freedom be protected under an all-LGBTQ+ city council’s policies and ordinances?” Vicari added. “Aiming so hard to be inclusive, Palm Springs’ city council ironically lacks diversity, with no traditional or orthodox person of faith elected. This calls into question whether or not local citizens holding traditional beliefs on marriage and family will be tolerated to live according to their religious convictions without fear of consequences from their city council’s adopted regulations.”

The LGBT community celebrated the victory.

Yes, it was indeed a victory against their sworn enemies: normal people.

You better believe normal people will be persecuted under their new homo overlords. Because as much as they begged us for “tolerance” of their sick ways, they have absolutely no intention of ever being tolerant against conservatives and Christians, and indeed relish in every opportunity to oppress and humiliate them.

We’re talking about people who would ruin the lives of anyone not willing to bake them a gay cake, out of pure spite.

Once again, Sam Hyde was right.

A true visionary.