California: Black Thief Stealing iPhones by Checking Store Clerk’s White Privilege

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2017

This is pretty hilarious, and it personifies the black-Jew symbiosis of “racism” hysteria.

The Jew invents the canard that blacks are the victim of white racism. Some “clever” negroes see this become a trend, and incorporate it into their Professional Nigga repertoire.

Get fired for showing up late every day? Sue your boss for racism. Try and fight the cops when you’re caught raping someone? Call it institutionalized police racism. Want to steal an $600 dollar cellphone? Accuse the clerk of racism if she doesn’t bring it from out behind the counter. Once I even saw a negro call a white girl “racist” because she wouldn’t give him her number.

These antics would be laughed out of the room were it not for eager Jews providing the argument (academia), the representation (“civil rights lawyers”) and warping reality (the media). Let us not forget who built the stigma about being a “racist,” even frightful Gavin McInnes openly admits that the Jews are behind political correctness.

Jews know blacks will always abuse these tools, which is precisely why they enable it. They’re Judah’s irregular army against the West.

The Patch:

Los Angeles police detectives are asking for help identifying a man, who used race-based guilt trips to gain access to and steal iPhones from a store in the Winnetka before doing the same thing again in Ventura County.

According to police, the man walked into a Boost Mobile store in the 19700 block of Vanowen Street, near Corbin Avenue shortly after noon Tuesday. He asked a clerk to show him new iPhones, and when the clerk refused to bring out the new phones and instead directed him to the tethered display phones, the suspect, who is black, accused the employee of being racist, police said.

“Fearing being labeled a racist, the salesperson presented the new iPhones to the suspect,” according to and LAPD statement. “Once the phones were in his reach, the suspect grabbed the phones and fled the business.”

Less than three hours later, the suspect did it again in Oxnard, making off with Apple and Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, according to the LAPD.

Props to the iPhone bandit. I doubt a black guy uses an iPhone (it’s mostly a SWPL thing), he probably just needs a prop for Craigslist ads offering a brand new half off phone to lure wealthy trust fund leftists into rapes and robberies.

And remember Goyim, if you hesitate for even a second to meet an anonymous person with a tar colored hand who wants to sell you a too-good-to-be-true phone in a back alley, you’re just a racist.