California Bans the Confederate Flag

Daily Stormer
September 28, 2014

Is it really necessary to continue insulting and attacking the South?  Was not invading and slaughtering them enough?
Is it really necessary to continue insulting and attacking the South? Was not invading and slaughtering them enough?

The Jew-ridden American State of California has banned the use of the confederate flag by state agencies. The sickening liberal Governor Jerry Brown Thursday signed a bill outlawing these agencies from selling or displaying the symbol of Team South.

The disgusting Black Bastard Isadore Hall, a state Assumblyman, introduced the legislation, AB 2444, after his Black mama saw replica confederate money featuring the flag for sale at a Capitol gift shop in Sacramento and was sent into a tizzy.

The Black Hall claimed that the government was promoting racism and trying to intimidate the colored hordes.


The bill passed the California State Assembly on Aug. 21 by a vote of 66-1. Hall said the bipartisan victory symbolized that lawmakers were “standing together united to fend off the ugly hatred of racism that’s been portrayed and demonstrated through the emblem of the Confederacy.”

Tim Donnelly, a Republican from Twin Peaks, was the only Assembly member to vote against the bill, arguing that it infringed on the Constitutional right to free speech.

“I’m a strict Constitutionalist,” The Los Angeles times quoted Donnelly as saying after the vote. “It’s painful and lonely.”

Political commentator John McWhorter described California’s new law as a futile endeavor that will fail to make “a real difference in black lives.”

“A serious approach to racism in this country will be about black men and the police. It is that nexus that teaches black America that there is something called a ‘war on black men’ which is what most readily comes to black people’s minds as the racism that America is ‘all about,'” McWhorter wrote in the Daily Beast.

McWhorter added, “Given how urgent things such as the War on Drugs, and its effect on black men and the cops are, might we not simply walk on by the damned flag?”

There you have it, folks. Nothing is enough for these parasites. We ban our traditional symbols, and they say we have done nothing, and that we are somehow launching a war on them, as they rape and murder us on the streets on a daily basis, while living off of our tax money.

There is absolutely nothing that will satisfy the Black parasite. So why do we even try?