California Assemblywoman Tweets “Fuck Elon Musk” After He Announces Plan to Move Tesla HQ

An invasive Mexican overlord in California has tweeted “fuck Elon Musk” in response to Musk saying he is going to move the Tesla factory out of California in response to the infinity lockdown implemented by the California overlords.

Lorena Gonzalez is a proud Mexican and a member of the California overlord class.

Lorena Gonzalez, a California assemblywoman, posted the bizarre tweet late Saturday night shortly after Musk said he would move his factories and headquarters to either Texas or Nevada because California is shut down and its leaders are talking as though there is no plan to open up.

Many were upset about the idiocy of the Mexican overlord’s tweet. Frankly, many asserted, the California overlord class are the ones who made the decision to destroy many or most businesses in California with their insane shutdown.

One responder to the Gonzalez tweet cut to the core of the issue, saying, “you already did [fuck Elon Musk]. That’s why he’s leaving.”

One has to wonder how much better Musk will fare outside of California, however. While California has been especially insane in their brutal agenda to crush all businesses in the state and drive all of its citizens insane by locking them inside, citing an ostensible need to stop the elderly from dying of the flu, the rest of the country is not being much more reasonable about this issue.

Ultimately, however, it makes very little difference for Tesla, given that virtually no one is going to be able to buy a luxury vehicle in the future. In fact, people within the class of people who might have been thinking “maybe I can save up and buy a Tesla” are now in a class of people who is going to be worried about feeding themselves.

No one but the ultra-elite class is going to be able to afford to live as they did before this, and pretty much everyone else is going to be in the same boat. The playing field is going to be leveled between the middle classes and the very poor, with all people other than the elite falling into the class of “very poor.”

But at least we stopped the flu.

Or wait, I guess we didn’t stop the flu.

But at least we tried to stop the flu.

That has to count for something.