California: ‘Anti-Semitism’ Discovered at Communist Indoctrination Center

Modern Heretic
September 22, 2015

Powerless and innocent.

The jew is the eternal victim, even as it presses its kosher heel into the neck of the West. They’ve been constantly persecuted without any cause, just ask them. Despite carrying a carpet-bag full of goodness and dispensing the wonderful magic of money, g*d’s chosen are under constant assault from the cattle and unclean meat. Granted, these days one has to look long and hard to find uppity shkotzim, but they’re out there. Take, for example, a “college” that failed to properly recognize the special and unique sufferink of the light of the world, even ignoring it in favor ofschwoogies and other talmud-promised slaves. Fortunately, the humble, meek and nearly powerless jew was somehow able to correct this massive injustice.


Jerusalem Post:

The decision on Friday came after Jewish representatives issues scathing denunciations of a proposed list of Principles Against Intolerance that did not directly mention anti-Semitism.

Competing victim groups, united only by their hatred of normal White America, fail to mention the endless attacks on jews, how the goyim keep hurting their fists with their faces. Don’t forget Grandma being melted like a candle eight times in a nawrtzee gas oven and then put through the skull-crushing machine. The chosen belong on your “we bee pressed an sheet” list, right at the top. Anything less is “anti-semitism.”

The governing body of the University of California voted to establish a committee to evaluate campus anti-Semitism following an intense lobbying campaign by Jewish organizations.

Another holocaust is narrowly averted by the feeble political power of a group that is hated for no reason. Somehow they keep getting their way. Meanwhile there are no “White organizations” to deal with the structural discrimination we face on a daily basis, but we’re just gentiles and therefore not worth a single jew fingernail.

More than 30 organizations, including Jewish fraternity AEPI, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Zionist Organization of America wrote to University of California regent Bruce D. Varner in July, requesting that substantive measures be taken to combat rising anti-Semitism on affiliated campuses.

Wishing to keep his sinecure the useful idiot at the communist indoctrination center promptly issued an unconditional surrender to the wandering merchant.

Among the various incidents recalled by the complainants were one in which “Zionists should be sent to the gas chamber” was found written on a bathroom wall at UC Berkeley, one in which a Jew applying for a student union position found her suitability questioned on the basis of her religion, and the discovery of swastikas painted on a Jewish fraternity house at UC Davis.

Originally expected to address the dramatic rise in anti-Semitism at UC, the UC office of the president instead released a proposed Principles Against Intolerance statement last week that didn’t even mention anti-Semitism and was a shocking disappointment.

If the highly dubious “hate crimes” didn’t convince you there was a problem we’ll just start wailing about muh six million.

“What is happening at UC to Jewish students is ugly and frightening and it’s only getting worse,” AMCHA’s Tammi Rossman-Benjamin told the regents.

There’s a slim possibility that Thought Crime might be occurring among the student loan debt victims. Speaking of which, don’t forget to keep paying for this nonsense, cattle.

“For years, Jewish students have been subjected to anti-Semitism. For years, we have been forced to wear the badges of our politicized identities.”

Oy, forced to wear special badges! Chimney, gas, six million, showers, grandma, trains, barbed wire, Dr. Mengele, inherent evil of all Whites, etc.

“For years, we have suffered in silence.”

LOL. The stoic and long-suffering jew, enduring the pogroms in heroic silence.

“It was clear that their voices were heard because every single regent who spoke afterward expressed outrage at the notion that a generalized ‘statement against intolerance’ would be enough to address the toxic climate that has developed on UC campuses,” the campus activist group StandWithUs said Sunday.

It’s almost like they have power wildly disproportionate to their numbers, power used for their own enrichment and to punish and humiliate their hosts, but that must be your “anti-semitic” imagination.

The silent suffering.