California: 80 Diverse-Skinned High School Students Attack Police Officers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2019

See if you can find five white people in the above video.

It looks like Honduras.

That’s the current state of high schools in America.


Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California, was placed on lockdown last week after an estimated 80 students attacked police officers who arrived on campus to detain one student for fighting with school staff.

Stockton police estimated that about 80 Bear Creek High School students were involved in a physical altercation with police officers on Friday morning as the officers were detaining one student for fighting with school staff, according to Stockton Record.

Video footage captured the chaotic brawl, which shows scores of students surrounding the officers in what appears to be an attempt to stop them from detaining the student. Moments later, one student in the crowd can be seen throwing a garbage can at the officers while the others jeer and shout.

I don’t know what’s going on with these kids,” said a concerned parent to FOX 40 News, “I don’t know, even with the authority there and they’re still being too much. It’s scary, it’s dangerous.”

When you go to school, you’re supposed to respect the authority that’s trying to keep you safe while you’re here on campus,” added former Bear Creek High student Kira Elkins.

What’s going on with those kids is that they’re not white. Trying to apply white people rules to browns and blacks has never resulted in anything productive.

You can look at any place in the world that has blacks and browns for proof of that.

These are very vicious creatures. It’s their nature. You can’t just turn off this part of them.

Looking at Africa, you’ll see that they’re still raping babies, forcing kids to rape their mothers, eating each other (including genitals) and actively trying to bring down what remains of the civilization our people tried to leave there.

Looking at Mexico and browns, you’ll see that they’re still taking the hearts out of victims while they’re alive, that they’re still doing all kinds of sick Aztec and jungle demon tortures and sacrifices, and that they turn their countries into nightmarish lands.

Both blacks and browns have proven to be incapable of not being violent savages. They’ve both proven to be incapable of having a civilized country and of acting civilized.

After observing what they do to their own, and knowing that they hate us, one question inevitably arises: Why are we continuing to allow their presence in our countries?