California: 2 Police Officers Won’t Face Charges After Shooting Unarmed Black Man

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2019

This is a white supremacist country now and our police officers are going to shoot all unarmed black men here, they’ll shoot every last one of them.

Black lives don’t matter.

Fox News:

Prosecutors in California have decided not to charge two police officers who fatally shot an unarmed black man last year, saying the “shooting was lawful.”

Sacramento County District Attorney Marie Schubert announced on Saturday that Officers Terrance Mercadal and Jared Robinet would not face criminal charges in the March 18 death of Stephon Clark after an independent review of the case found that the pair used lethal force lawfully.

The 61-page review conducted by the prosecutor’s office stated that  Mercadal and Robinet “had honest and reasonable belief that they were in imminent danger of death or great bodily injury.”

Clark was shot and killed March 18; the two officers were responding to a report of somebody breaking car windows. Police said they believed Clark was the suspect, and that he ran when a police helicopter responded and failed to obey officers’ orders.

Police said they thought Clark was holding a gun when he moved toward them with his arms extended and an object in his hands. He was later found to only have a cellphone on him.

You don’t move towards police officers with your arms extended and with an object in your hands. You don’t move towards police officers period. You just stand there hands up without moving and let them come to you, and you drop to your knees if they tell you to.

What this black man did was a very black thing to do, so he really did die for being black. Not because whites hate blacks but because blacks are just dumb and violent.

One of the officers who shot Clark is black and the other is white, police said.

Makes sense. If both officers were white, this wouldn’t have been dropped as easily, because there’s the very real agenda of making black people believe whites are out to get them even though whites have given them everything good they have.

We’ve given them the privilege of living with us in the greatest country on the planet after the Jews brought them here as slaves, and they still think we’re their enemies.

There’s no fixing them. We’ve tried everything.

Pouring trillions of dollars into Africa doesn’t work, Africa is still a hellish nightmare.

Treating them as people and sharing our stuff with them doesn’t work. They’re ruining our cities and they’re still hating us.

Sharing our stuff with them and treating them as if they were people is definitely not working, so it’s about time we stop trying to befriend them and switch strategy.

Shipping them all back to Africa and cutting all “humanitarian” aid to it would be better for both white people and blacks.

Whites would be able to relax as there would be no blacks around.

And blacks would be able to relax too as they wouldn’t be forced to act human anymore.

They’d just go back to being who they really are.