Calais: Invading Hordes Attempt to Storm Channel Tunnel

Daily Stormer
July 5, 2015

In any sane world, these people would be shot on sight by the military.

This is very literally a hostile invasion by a foreign people.


Channel Tunnel services have been disrupted after about 150 migrants tried to storm the Calais terminal.

Migrants entered restricted areas on the French side overnight, delaying and cancelling services, Eurotunnel said.

A spokesman for the firm called for “immediate action” from authorities to protect the tunnel and provide a solution to the migrant crisis.

Le Shuttle passenger services had been operating as normal, although technical problems have led to further delays.

Passengers, who are facing delays of up to two hours, are still being encouraged to check in on time.

Freight services are also delayed, Eurotunnel said, and freight lorries are queuing on the M20 for the second time this week.

Kent Police initiated phase two of Operation Stack – where freight traffic is parked on sections of the M20 – and closed roads at about 01:00 BST.

This was lifted at 14:00 and the road is now fully open.

Why is the RAF not drone-bombing these camps?

And what are the French doing?

Oh, of course – the French are helping them, feeding the parasites, using them as a form of biological warfare against London.