Calais: 50 Invaders Beat Up Bulgarian Trucker, Incinerate His Vehicle

Andrew Anglin and Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2019

No, that wasn’t a typo.

Fifty versus one.

Who was even counting them?

Infowars Europe:

A tractor-trailer was reduced to ashes and its driver badly beaten by a gang of 50 migrants who had set a fiery ambush on a French motorway near Calais, according to reports.

The Bulgarian trucker had attempted to ram through a blockade of flaming pallets erected by migrants on the ring road near Calais, a port hub for many trucks and passenger vehicles traveling to and from the UK.

The driver was taken to hospital after being assaulted by the migrants while he was trying to escape the truck, La Voix Du Nord reports.

Police were unable to locate suspects involved in the most recent incident as all had reportedly fled the scene when authorities arrived.

More pictures from the scene:

Also: Yes, there is an “Infowars Europe” now.

Got a logo and everything.

Hopefully they can take over part of the role of Breitbart, and become a less Jew-obsessed conservative news outlet.

Alex Jones obviously lost a shitton of shekels when he got kicked off all social media, but he’s not going to get his domain seized in the way that happened to Daily Stormer, and he’ll keep being able to process credit cards. So he has room to grow in other directions that don’t involve reliance on the social media networks, and becoming a more serious news outlet is a good place to focus.

Infowars gets about 4 times the traffic that we get here, still – although their traffic shot up significantly after the Alex Jones banning, and has dropped off.

Breitbart then has a magnitude of 4 more traffic than Infowars.

When you factor in degrees of censorship, this ends up meaning that all of these three sites should be on about the same level, if all things were equal.

I am not the hugest fan of Alex Jones, but I do think he is much better than Breitbart, and he clearly has room to grow in the “readable website articles” market. Many of his articles are not actually articles but just links to other websites, and if he focuses on putting together stuff in the same vein as Breitbart – original copies of mainstream news articles – but with a little bit of a harder edge, he’s going to do very well in that market.