By Completely Destroying Their Country, Australia Saved the Lives of Dozens of Nursing Home Residents

Sunny beaches are a breeding ground for the flu. We have to shut them down – forever.

As Australians struggle through generations of economic turmoil resulting from the coronavirus lockdown, they need to remember what they were protecting: potentially, dozens of nursing home residents in their 80s and 90s could have gotten the flu and died.

Your 91-year-old grandma might live out her final six months in absolute misery, separated from her family, forced to be lonely, and eventually dying alone, unable to see her children and grandchildren. But if it weren’t for the lockdown, she never would have lived to see 92.

So the question is: would you rather die at 91, with your family at your side, or die six months later at 92, isolated and alone, having spent your final months disallowed from seeing your family?

The answer, of course, is obvious: every 91-year-old is clinging to life, hoping to get another few days of sitting and watching infomercials and sipping apple sauce through a straw.

Science has shown and Anthony Fauci has confirmed that when a 92-year-old dies, they aren’t thinking of their families, they’re not remembering their life and their loved ones: they want one more infomercial.

That’s what you sacrificed for, Australia.

You said: “I want grandma to be able to spend another few weeks completely alone watching infomercials in the nursing home, and I’m willing to sacrifice the future of my children to make it happen.”

And you won.

ABC Australia:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says the state may have recorded its first day with zero new coronavirus cases in months, and is well placed to bring forward an easing of restrictions currently set for November 1.

Mr Andrews said the sole case recorded overnight involved a person from Brimbank, in Melbourne’s north, who had previously tested positive in July and may simply be shedding the virus.

If that case is ruled out, it would be the first day since June 9 that the state has reported no new cases of COVID-19.

“This could potentially be a day of zero and it’s been a long time since we had a day of zero,” Mr Andrews said

“It’s a testament to the hard work of every single Victorian in the city, in the suburbs, in regional communities, large and small.”

An expert panel will review the case, examining the person’s movements, symptoms and epidemiological links to known cases in making its determination.

Now, the only thing they need to do to prevent anyone from ever getting the virus again is to just keep the country locked down forever. People just have to stay in their houses forever. And we have to arrest anyone who posts on Facebook that this is not a good idea.

They will keep the military on the streets to ensure that no one tries to go outside of their house.

That’s freedom. It’s democracy. That, my friend, is human rights.

It’s a big sacrifice. But when you consider the benefits, we have to admit that it was all worth it.

In Australia, if you are 91 years old, you have a bright future ahead of you. You have many weeks or maybe even months to live, isolated and watching television. Because the people of Australia decided that sacrificing the future of generations to come was worth maybe stopping the elderly from dying of the flu for some reason.

God bless democracy, which delivers only the greatest of freedoms.

People who are against democracy and freedom are still protesting, refusing to submit to this system of glorious safety.

The cops are arresting them on a large scale, sending a clear message: no form of dissent can ever be tolerated in a free democracy.

They’re already running people down on horseback for not wearing masks.

If they keep protesting, the military that is enforcing the lockdown may simply have to start killing them.

That may be the only way to save lives, and ensure that we continue to live in a vibrant democracy, which is unlike the oppressive regime of China, where in Wuhan, they are having nonstop pool parties and no one wears a mask or stands six feet apart.

That’s what it looks like to have no freedom and no democracy. Chinese people don’t even have the basic freedom to be locked in their houses and forced to wear masks, or to be chased down by horses for leaving their houses.

Sure, no one is dying in China because they stopped the lockdown. But they stopped doing testing, so they don’t know how many are infected. Would you truly risk being infected, even if the virus doesn’t do anything and you didn’t even know you had it? Would you take that risk?

In democracy, it’s a risk we won’t allow you to take. In democracy, we force freedom on you.

In democracy, the government watches out for you, like an older brother.

Freedom means fighting for your right to be forced to stay in your house forever by the military. That is the core of our democracy.

If you want a picture of true democracy, picture a fat tattooed lesbian cop strapping a surgical mask on a cute hippie girl in handcuffs forever.

We can’t let the virus win.