Buzzfeed Finds a Black Female Doctor to Talk About Ear Cleaning

Okay, so I ran across a Buzzfeed article with this headline:

Here’s the video in question:

@ayishafritaLmao it doesn’t burn I just kept saying sizzling I mean bubbling? #health #earwax #sinus #tip♬ original sound – Isha

I was actually interested in the topic. I used to scuba dive and got a really bad ear infection from it once, and had to have repeated surgeries on my ear – in a third world country. It totally ended my scuba diving career. Which is good for you, the reader, because if that wouldn’t have happened, I probably would currently be working as a scuba diving instructor – making a lot of money, getting a lot of bitches, and not having the entire Jewish system breathing down my neck and totally destroying my life.

Anyway, these repeated surgeries created a lot of scarring on my right ear drum, which has consistently caused wax buildup. I was woke to the Q-tip question early on, and always just cleaned my ears out with a wash rag, and let the natural order do the work of pushing the wax into the wash rag’s range.

However, the scar tissue on the drum causes it to get regularly stuck, which requires me to use other methods. One of the methods I’ve used is peroxide, and I knew it wasn’t dangerous, but as I say – I have an interest in the topic.

So I scroll down the Buzzfeed article to find the doctor that was asked.

Here it is.

All four of those images were included in the article – just to make sure everyone understands: this is a black, female doctor.

A quick search finds that black females represent less than 2% of the total number of physicians in America, and I would assume that this would be much lower among ENTs.

So, what happened here is that the author, very obviously, found this cute story idea about the viral video, then decided that she would make sure to ask a black female doctor, and went through whatever effort was required to get ahold of a black female doctor to feature in her story.

We can only speculate as to the amount of effort that this involved, but I don’t think it’s necessary to speculate on the obvious fact that the Buzzfeed blogger, Shelby Heinrich, did this on purpose. It is subtle propaganda, meant to distort the perceptions of the reader without him knowing it.

Firstly, I want to say: I’m not against black doctors. I’m not that kind of racist. I think the more blacks we have off the streets, off the welfare system, the better it is for everyone, and I generally would appreciate it if blacks would try harder to get jobs instead of just having sex, smoking crack, and committing crimes.

That said, I of course would never go to a black doctor (or a female doctor), because the programs of affirmative action in this country make it so it is almost a statistical certainty that a black or female was pushed through the education system without having to meet the same standards of a white male doctor.

However, what I want to talk about is the choice of using a black female in the article.

What is the purpose of that?

Well, at this point, part of the purpose is just that white males are evil and they’re not allowed to be in anything (except the handsome stars of action movies, wherein they have sex with black women). Excluding white males from anything is now just a matter of course.

But the bigger goal is to continue to create the illusion that a black female doctor is somehow normal or common, when in fact it is extremely rare. Most people’s brains will not register the fact that the doctor in the article is a black female. They will just browse over it, as is the standard way anyone reads a Buzzfeed clickbait article. However, their brains will register it as something normal – because they are seeing it, it must be normal. That will then be fit into their brains, alongside all the images of intelligent professional black people that they’ve seen in films and television and advertisements.

Then, when they hear about black people “being oppressed,” their brains will pull up all of the images of successful and intelligent black people, who are “just the same as anyone else.” The only explanation as to why black people are not all successful and normal will be that they are oppressed by whites.

That is what the core purpose of race-denialism is: they create a situation where the only possible explanation as to why blacks fail so miserably in society is white oppression. If race doesn’t exist, and blacks are exactly the same as whites, then that really is the only answer you have left: whites oppressed them.

I recently listened to a debate on The Ralph Show between Beardson Beardly and “Big Poppa Fascist,” where the latter said that even if the differences between the races are real, it doesn’t mean anything. He then tried to provoke Beardson and all of the callers who were saying race was real to say they want to kill all black people.

But the fact is, if we were honest about the differences in the races, that would mean that it is not white people’s fault that black people fail so much. That would then serve as the basis for figuring out how to help black people to fail less, and it would remove this millstone of “oppressor” from the necks of all white people.

As long as “blacks and whites are exactly the same except their skin color and nose shape,” the only explanation for black crime, black poverty, black stupidity, and every other black problem is going to be “white people didn’t do enough for them.”

Therefore, the media is obsessed with pushing the lie of black competence every chance they get.

For the record, at this point, the differences between blacks and whites are more or less totally irreconcilable, and we do have to separate from them. I don’t see any other solution. However, before this hatred was created and fostered against whites by the Jews in academia and the media, I think there could have been other solutions. Up until the 1960s, it was widely accepted that blacks were fundamentally different than whites, and thus required a different set of rules, and totally different expectations.

The system of slavery worked, as did the system of segregation. The system of apartheid worked in South Africa. It is possible for blacks and whites to live amongst each other, as long as certain things are understood.

But it’s clearly too late now.

But who knows – maybe I’ll be surprised.

But the first thing we need to do is recognize that black people have lower IQs, they have higher testosterone, they are biologically much more prone to violence, crime and poverty, and they are much less capable of succeeding in high skill professions. That is the first step towards any solution.

No amount of Instagram photos of a black female doctor changes that reality, it simply serves to distort that reality in the minds of the people, and increase white guilt on one side and anti-white hatred on the other side.