Buttigieg Allegedly Winning Iowa by 0.1% (Three Votes)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

The capitalist Jews may have squeaked out a win by three votes this time. But the day of the soap draws ever nearer.

Well, this seems unlikely.

I thought it was unlikely that Pete Buttigieg would beat Bernie Sanders at all, but the idea that he’s beating him by .01% is hardly believable.

It seems to me that this is simply a “within the margin of error” number that is designed to keep Bernie from the psychological victory of winning the first-in-the-nation primary – which has predicted the winner of the nomination since Al Gore in 2000.

Somehow, Iowa still hasn’t reported all of their numbers, with 4% still out. And that 4% could give Bernie the fraction of a percent he needs to be on top. But it probably won’t.

The media is saying that it is impossible to hoax a caucus, but when you’re talking about literally 3 votes, I refuse to believe that isn’t possible. With such close numbers, you could literally just start paying off a few delegates. We all saw the videos of delegates in the school gymnasiums trying to choose who to vote for. And Biden was declared “non-viable” in several precincts, so there were a bunch of delegates who couldn’t cast votes for him who could have been targeted.

Furthermore, when the app was down, no one could see the numbers other than the DNC (who claimed they couldn’t see the numbers). It would have been possible during that period to go and find delegates who would agree to change their votes.

It is all public, and these people can presumably check on how their individual votes were tallied, but when you’re talking about a single-digit number of people, you could get them to agree to change votes.

Furthermore, for over 24 hours, we only had 62% of the vote public, and that had Buttigieg at a 2% lead, which was on all of the TVs.

Why did they release only that amount of information? Why have they still not released the final 4%, as we’re pushing three days out?

The weird app that they were using was connected to the DNC, because apparently they were needed to count the votes, because Iowans can’t count. IowaApp was designed by a company, Shadow, that was funded by Joe Biden, and was developed by Hillary Clinton employees, according to the New York Post. Shadow was bought by another DNC-linked company, ACRONYM, according to the LA Times.

In even further apparent trickery, there were documented “rounding errors” that all were in favor of Buttigieg. Basically, there are situations where the delegate count does not come out evenly, so they have to round up or down. The procedure is to round down if the number is below .5, and yet with Buttigieg, they were rounding up from .2. Several people on Twitter were documenting this phenomenon, and many of them had their posts deleted! Virtually no media covered it.

Some of the deleted posts documenting these errors are still visible via a cache on Town Hall.

I am not able to confirm the veracity of this information, but I have to tell you – it sounds legit. And even if it isn’t legit – there is all this weird stuff going on – AND WE LITERALLY SAW THIS SAME THING IN 2016!

I think if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, he should lead a Bolshevik style revolution and finally liberate the worker once and for all.

Jimmy Dore appeared on Tucker Carlson Wednesday night to discuss these dirty tricks.

I still don’t understand what a caucus is, and do not aspire to understand it, but what he’s saying there sounds legit. These people already got caught hoaxing Bernie once, why would they not do it again?

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. Buttigieg is not the least bit popular, and the lying Jews of the election statistics site FiveThirtyEight have informed me that Buttigieg only won because he’s from the Midwest and Iowa is in the Midwest.

I’m very much ready to move on to New Hampshire, where even the lying Jew pollsters admit that Bernie has a severe lead.

The New Hampshire primary is on Tuesday, and that will be when we truly kick off our brutal communist revolution.

Remember: communism is about killing the rich, and in our society, the rich people are JEWS. So any plan for a communist revolution in America is literally an anti-Semitic plot.

Hop on board this communist convoy, because the next stop is GENOCIDE.