Butthurt SJW PewDiePie Attempts to Stop Heroic WSJ Jew Burners

The Daily Stormer
February 24, 2017

PewDiePie (the world’s single most watched video celebrity with 53 million subscribers and higher ratings than any TV cable news show) has given us another doozie of a video, in which he clearly cites Daily Stormer not once, but twice. We all suspected that Pewdz was going to showcase Stormer on his YouTube channel with tens of millions of subscribers sooner or later, but there is a stunning twist.

Pewdz, of course, was not a Nazi. He is an anti-racist Swedecuck, and he’s trying to stop the heroic Nigger-lynching good ol’ boys at the WSJ. As Daily Stormer is the world’s #1 WSJ Fansite, we need to do something about this. We have to save Ben Fritz.

The brave WSJ reporter that took down the Swedish cuck PewDiePie is notorious for hard-hitting racist jokes. For example in 2009, he smirked that jews were “adept at frying”, a reference to the excellent act of shoving six million of them in a single incinerator at Auschwitz.

Archive link: https://archive.fo/u6Fde

Next, good ol’ Zyklon Ben admits that he finds Nazis sexually appealing.

Archive link: https://archive.fo/C1mBa

Finally, Zyklon Ben admits he loves a good nigger joke, just like the rest of his fellow hardcore neo-Nazi white supremacists.

Archive link: https://archive.fo/lJwr7

Ben Fritz has a healthy sense of racial awareness and desire to murder six million Jews. Cuck PewDiePie asks his audience to contact the advertising sponsors of the WSJ and demand Ben Fritz’s dismissal.

Here at the Daily Stormer, we’ve also been run off of countless ad networks, so we share in the pain of the WSJ. In solidarity I call upon the Stormer Troll Army to help save the WSJ from a notorious cuckold of Sweden.

We need to crowdsource contact information of these WSJ sponsors’s executives. I’ll update this article as new contacts emerge. As we uncover corporate executive information, we must send them all screenshots of Ben Fritz’s tweets and let them know that their continued support as an advertiser of the Wall Street Journal inspires and emboldens you as a neo-Nazi member of the Daily Stormer, the #1 Wall Street Journal fansite, to commit as many Nazi atrocities as possible. Let all of WSJ’s sponsors know that at your next cross burning you’ll be telling the media how their bold advertising support of the WSJ rekindled the hope you had lost in the defense of the white race.

I’ll start with the first bit of contact information.

American Express’s Public Relations Officer is Michael J O’Neill.

His assistant personally answered the phone for me at +1.212.640.5951 and I told her that when I set a synagogue full of Jews on fire while sexually torturing a Jewish virgin it’s going to be because of American Express’s continued support of the WSJ. I promised I’ll even be paying for the fuel oils with my American Express card, which is now the official credit card of the alt-right.

Don’t leave home without it.

If you email him at mike.oneill@aexp.com you must send screenshots and links to Ben Fritz’s tweets. You should “bcc” WSJ editors while you do this (be absolutely sure to BCC, not send as a second address), so that they know you are showing them support from the world’s #1 WSJ fansite, the Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer:


This is a new era, friends. We’re going to show the support of violent, savage neo-Nazis soon to commit acts of genocide to the WSJ’s sponsors. Please post more corporate executive contacts in this thread. We stand in solidarity with the murderous neo-Nazi white supremacist Ben Fritz. 14/88, Zyklon Ben.


Our forum regular Thomas Vogler is coming through on the executives of WSJ sponsors. Be sure to send screenshots of Ben Fritz’s tweets to all these busy corporate representatives and thank them for their advertising support of neo-Nazi WSJ reporters, which in turn inspires you to distribute flagrant hate speech with their company’s name on it. Call them too!

Advanced Data Processing has the following public relations contacts:
Michael Schneider michael.schneider@adp.com 973-974-5678
Steve Cross Steve.R.Cross@ADP.com 973-974-5744
CME Group has a huge list of important corporate communications executives available here.
American Express has a bunch more important executives listed here.
F5 Networks has press contacts listed in the right side column of this page.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s US PR lead is Caroline Nolan at +1 202 258 1946.
London Stock Exchange Group contact list is available here.
Deloitte has an extensive contact list on this page.