But Why are You Allowed to Make “Holocaust Denial” Jokes on Netflix Tho?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2019

The Jewish media has attempted to crucify Nick Fuentes based on the fact that he made a joke about Cookie Monster baking six million cookies, which they claim is Holocaust denial. Sebastian Gorka, the Zionist Organization of America and innumerable shill “conservative,” as well as liberal pundits, have called for him to be banned for making this joke.

Virtually every media headline attacking him has referred to him as a “Holocaust denier,” attempting to make this Cookie Monster joke the defining aspect of his entire identity and in fact his entire existence as a human being on planet earth.

Even headlines about the blacklisting of Michelle Malkin noted that the hammer came down on her because she “backed a Holocaust denier.”

Nick has maintained, accurately, that this was nothing but an edgy joke.

As it turns out, a joke that is almost identical to this was made by Saturday Night Live alum Norm MacDonald on his Netflix show in 2017.

There are parts of this bit that are almost word-for-word to Nick’s bit, only it is clearly worse, because he doesn’t even disguise it with a Cookie Monster metaphor.

Norm Macdonald: You can’t ignore it? [talking to the guest] I ignore this fucker [pointing to Adam Eget] when he starts talking about the smokestacks at Auschwitz and how the shadows don’t make sense and all that shit. […] He said “how could there be poison, you know, poison gas, I don’t know much about the Holocaust, but what do they have inside the… inside the gas chambers they put a certain type of gas.”

Some production guy: Zyklon!

Macdonald: Zyklon gas! […] The guards would open the door and get the gas all over their hand [sic] and die also. Why would that not happen?

Guest: Maybe there was a sub door!

Macdonald: But he had another thing. He said when the allied planes came over they had pictures apparently of the smokestacks, and he said the smokestacks drop a shadow, the smokestacks, that we all know spewed out the sad remains of human souls that once had dreams, and once love. He says “it’s all a bunch of horseshit!”

And then everyone laughed.

Where exactly was the outrage over this?

Well, according to google.com, there literally wasn’t any.

It was taken for what it was – a joke – and no one bothered to write a single article complaining or condemning it.

In actual fact – though I don’t have the clips on hand, I’ve watched the show – this was a running gag on Norm’s Netflix show, where he would accuse his co-host, comedian Adam Eget (who I believe is half Jewish), of being a Holocaust denier, and go into all kinds of details of the sort that we read in Ron Unz’s (also part Jewish) American Pravda series on “Holocaust Denial.”

It’s Fake, Jim

All of this outrage over Nick’s “Holocaust denial” is a hoax.

The entire conservative establishment, and the entire media, is shifting all of this massive discussion that Nick has started about crippling demographic change, the collapse of Christian morality and the dual-loyalty of our political establishment onto a two-minute clip of the guy making an edgy joke.

This is for the purpose of saying “he is evil, so nothing he says matters.”

The problem that they’re having is that it isn’t working.

It always worked before.

But this time it isn’t working.

There is only one other person that “yeah but he’s evil though, everyone needs to hate him, because he made an evil joke” didn’t work on, and that was me.

But I was never anywhere near the establishment the way Nick is. All I was was a very popular internet humorist. They responded to the Anglin Problem by blacklisting me from being mentioned in the media, deplatforming me from everything, and never mentioning my name again as if it was a killing word. (Plus a bunch of other stuff I won’t go into here, but which the reader is likely aware of.)

But you can’t do that to Nick. He’s too big now and he is too close to the mainstream. He’s also too clean.

We’re all on the edge of our seats, wondering what happens now.

I’m predicting their next actions will be erratic and insane.

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