Bull-Prepping Judas Paul Joseph Watson Declares War on Truth

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2015

There’s a war on for your mind… to stay off the David Duke interview.
Good goy.
Good goy.

This is the question I was blocked for asking.

Minutes after banning me, Watson cartoonishly posted a John Wayne quote about how some people are so closed-minded they won’t listen to you unless you agree with them.

People then noticed the disconnect, and he responded by – literally – calling me a “White supremacist.”

In fact, he was exercising his freedom to refuse to answer a question for which he obviously has no answer.

And that is his freedom. No one can be forced to answer a question.

But banning me because he didn’t want to answer a question was not the free speech issue. The free speech issue was that infowars posted and then deleted the interview with David Duke, then went on to IP ban anyone who brought it up in their comments section.

Paul Joseph Watson took part in a conspiracy to hide very important information from the public.

The White race (left) and Paul Joseph Watson (right).
The White race (left) and Paul Joseph Watson (right).

I had been writing an article entitled “Decision Time for Paul Joseph Watson” when he banned me.

I didn’t finish the article. And I won’t. Because Paul Joseph Watson blocking me for asking a question and then going on to use the idiot Jew-term “White supremacist” against me shows, without any doubt, that he is a bull-prepping cuckold.

But this is how I began the article I had been writing.

I have personal friends who hold a worldview identical or nearly identical to my own, but will criticize me for devoting my life to the cause. After all, I could be making money. I could be getting laid. I could be not spending this much time working, getting kicked out of countries, having my family harassed, etc. and instead pursuing pleasure.

I would like to say “I choose to to this because it is the right thing to do.” But I am not a comic book superhero and human motivations are more complicated than that. When I look at my own self, and the reason that I fight like this, the motivations are actually much more selfish, in real terms. I do this because I realize that life is finite, and that some day I will die. And I want to die knowing that things that I did in my life will reverberate past my own limited existence.

If I die of cancer at 80, or get shot in the head tomorrow, I want to know that I made as much of an impact on the universe through my personal existence as I could. I want that not only for God, justice and the glory of the Aryan race – I want it for myself.

I don’t know if that makes me self-serving, altruistic or both, in metaphysical terms. What I know is that I have a drive inside of me to do something more with my life than take up space. I want to have taken part in the sacred and eternal process of creation.

I then went on to talk about Watson.

Following the Duke “debate,” known now as the Jonestown Massacre, Alex Jones has attempted to delete all memory of what took place. This means, objectively, that he is trying to hide information from people on purpose. There can no longer be a debate about whether or not he is a scam artist and a liar. It is now a proven fact, which one would have to be delusional to deny.

Most of the people working for Jones, if not Jews themselves, are self-serving, base individuals who could not care less about anything other than their own material existence. However, there is probably one exception.

Paul Joseph Watson.

I personally believe, having witnessed him over the last year, that Paul Joseph Watson indeed does have a desire to make an impact which will live on past his own limited existence.

It turns out I was wrong. He doesn’t have any integrity, and he doesn’t care about the continued existence of Western White civilization.

Watson is just another cuck, shilling for the shekels, playing to a market segment with his anti-SJW videos.

Weev just wrote a piece about how Gavin McInnes is a marketer attempting to appeal to a demographic of young disenfranchised Whites because he sees a gap in the market from whence he can draw shekels.

Watson was doing the same thing.

But hey guess what Paul?

You just killed your segment of that market.

Might as well go back to talking about chemtrails and how the cops are planning to do eugenics through mass murder in abandoned Wal-Marts.

Or hey, how about that conspiracy that Donald Trump is secretly working for Hillary Clinton to stop Rand Paul, who is the only freedom candidate with the plan to lower taxes and stop the German death cult?

It’s a cuckspiracy!

There’s still a huge market for that, apparently. Of course, it isn’t as glamourous as actually doing something that matters, something that will benefit the race and the universe itself, but hey, there’s shekels there.

Feel free to tweet Watson (@PrisonPlanet) and let him know what you think. He is apparently mass-blocking. If you get blocked, post screenshots.

You can also comment on his YouTube channel.

Further instructions as to the continuing operation against the Jew-run Infowars disinfo empire can be found here.

Keep on hitting them, boys.

We are making history here.

You will tell your blonde-haired little grandkids about how you took down the Fat Man and paved the way for a new media which created the level of awareness necessary to stop these kikes.

Hail Victory.