Bulbous Pile of Dog Shit Mike Pompeo Says He’s Going to “Bring Freedom to Belarus”

It really just makes me sick, man.

New York Post:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday pledged the US would deliver freedom to Belarus, which is being roiled by days of unrest following the disputed re-election of its authoritarian president, and other countries like Russia, China and Iran that pose threats to democracy.

“We will continue to speak about the risks to the Belarusian people,” Pompeo said in a speech in the Czech capital of Prague. “We want them to have freedom in the same way that people do across the world.”

It is two decades after the invasion of Iraq, and American politicians are still able to get up there and talk about how they’re going to gift foreign countries with the freedom of true democracy.

Meanwhile, our own country is locked down, with the very most basic freedoms having been stripped from the people.

We do not have freedom of assembly, we do not have freedom of religion. We haven’t had freedom of speech in a very long time.

But this bulbous piece of human garbage, Mike Pompeo, is ready to deliver freedom to countries on the other side of the planet.

Hey Mike, you absolutely repulsive, subhuman slob – why don’t you deliver freedom to us first, huh?

I mean, if you’ve got a stock of freedom, then I really think Americans deserve first dibs.

Belarus doesn’t have a coronavirus lockdown, so they can still practice religion in their country, so really, they need that freedom you’ve got a whole lot less than we do.

Give us that freedom. Then if you get some more, we can talk about giving it to Belarus, if we don’t need it.