Bulbous Jew Talia Lavin Posts Bikini Pic on 4chan “Accidentally”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2020

The weird sexualization of our society is a result entirely of Jewish influence. Christians created a high-functioning order of guilt around sex that kept it where it should have stayed: in the bedroom, between married couples, and at worst in the brothel, off of a dark alley in the seedy part of town.

Now, it is plastered everywhere.

Calvin Klein, Dov Charney’s American Apparel, Scarlett Johansson – I’m sure it’s all just a big coincidence.

And we are constantly told to think about it all the time. It has become absolutely pathological to the point of absurdity.

This Judaization of the sexuality of European Man started in earnest with Sigmund Freud, who made the outrageous and blatantly malicious claim that the repression of sexuality was a negative phenomenon. In actual fact, it was why European society developed so much more than other societies. (The only other society which prized sexual repression was that of East Asia, which was the second most developed society on earth, and now holds the number one spot.)

The Jews were then behind the sexual liberation movement of feminism, and the racial sexual liberation movement to allow black men to have sex with white women. They then normalized so-called “gay sex” (this is a colloquial term for masturbating into another man’s anus) and spearheaded the legalization of pornography. To this day, they dominate the pornography industry. Jewish porno magnate Al Goldstein said that so many Jews were involved in pornography because they view it as a weapon to attack Christianity.

I have made the point during the Harvey Weinstein drama that it is incredible how normal his sexual behavior is being described as. The sickest thing he is alleged to have done is cunnilingus, which while being the single most disgusting sexual act that can be performed between a man and a woman, is apparently something quite normal these days. And he masturbated into a houseplant. Otherwise, it’s all normal penis-in-vagina sex he is described as having, generally initiated through massage.

The Jews, you see, are basically a eugenics program. They have bred for specific traits, and those who do not have these specific traits have left the Jews and converted to Christianity (or Islam, or whatever community they lived amongst) over the last however many thousands of years. This process has resulted in the Jews having a very specific type of thinking and behavior, and this is generally associated with various forms of sexual derangement.

This is surprising because Jews are sexually sadistic and otherwise deranged. They enjoy not only humiliating people, but also being humiliated. Many or most Jewish men are into pederasty. It is 100s of times more prevalent in the Jewish religious community than it is in the Catholic Church, but the media does not talk about it (I wonder why?). There is a good article from 2013 in VICE, if you want to learn more about Jews sodomizing prepubescent boys.

Louis CK, one of the Jews accused in the #metoo period, was accused of masturbating in front of women all the time. These were women who would have had sex with him and presumably would not have gone public with the information if they had had sex with him. Masturbating in front of them was more offensive and humiliating than having sex with him. He was obviously also humiliating himself in this process.

Various other Jews were accused of exposing themselves and masturbating on people and so on. The Jew journalist Mark Halprin would often wait for a woman to sit down, then walk up behind her and pull out his penis and put it on her shoulder. Which is kind of a hilarious thing to do, actually. But if you do it seriously instead of for purposes of humor, then it is clearly an act of humiliation.

Prominent Jewish sexual novelist Philip Roth wrote about his desire to sexually humiliate Christian women. Roth was brought up by Jews during the initial Weinstein scandal, marking how Jewish the scandal was, because Weinstein was ritually humiliating Christian women (the one who is pressing charges against him now, Jessica Mann, came from a specifically religious Baptist background).

Jewish women embody these same genetically determined traits. The wantonness of the Jew woman is well known, and it is in fact why the Jews carry on their agenda matrilineally. A person with a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father is considered to be Jewish, and a person with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother is considered to be non-Jewish. This is because in the mind of a Jew, the only way you can possibly determine a bloodline is to see the child come out of the mother’s vagina. We cannot assume that a woman was faithful to her husband, the Jew thinks, because women are such whores, and will go anywhere and do anything to find extra cock.

This is basically true of all women, of course, so I applaud them for keeping it real on that front.

But Jewish women actually are much worse than white women, in that they will initiate sexual acts, something that otherwise only Africans do. And while all women are into humiliation, Jewish women are into it to the point of extreme grossness.

So I was not surprised to see this.

That’s Talia Lavin, the disgusting Jew journalist who has had a long-running agenda against the Daily Stormer and white people in general, trying to crowd source information on /pol/.

She added a picture of herself in a bikini, then, as you can see a few comments down from the OP, said “This isn’t even the image I chose… Fuck, I hate this website.”

Of course it is the image she chose. Websites do not randomly upload images from your hard drive against your consent, they specifically upload the ones you choose to upload. Talia Lavin uploaded a disgusting image of herself in a bikini on a website full of Nazis because she is sexually aroused by sexual humiliation, and that arousal increases much more if the people she is humiliating herself in front of are Nazis.

Here’s the thread, if anyone is interested in the responses people gave.

And yes, it is clearly actually her posting. It’s a tradition if you are a known person posting on 4chan to post a never before seen picture of yourself to prove you’re who you are. And this picture of Lavin in a bikini was not online before this.

I guess it could be some person who knows her and was able to take a private photo of her, but I doubt it. She is a very weird and filthy Jew, who absolutely would engage in this sort of behavior. She is also constantly being fired from websites, so I would expect her to be working for “an independent research institute.”

I hope you’ve learned something today.

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