Bugger Scouts Declare Support for Negropocalypse, Will Get “Diversity” Badges

I’m old enough to remember the Scouts before they went full anal.

The Boy Scouts used to be accused of fascism. They wore vaguely military-type uniforms, they engaged in weapons training, they marched in formation, they sung songs of their ancestors and pledged allegiance to God and Country.

I was never involved, but I’m sure it was a pretty great thing for the boys, and I’m certain it turned them into better men, having instilled them with discipline and Christian values.

Sometimes when we consider how destroyed our society is, we maybe forget how important for human development it is to give children discipline. The millennials are just as lazy and entitled as the boomers claim, but it was boomers who “raised” them. In fact, those millennials who grew up had to do it themselves while their parents were busy with their own issues. Primarily, they were behaving like teenagers.

The Boy Scouts also provided an opportunity for a dad to take a position of authority over his own kids and a group of kids and teach them his own value system. Of course, back in the old days, kids were getting values from their fathers, but to have another adult man take a role in instructing them helped with their development, giving them the impression that everyone in authority was in agreement on the way things are. That is the way a worldview is supposed to be built. It’s not supposed to come from the Jews. And children are most certainly not supposed to “come to their own conclusions” about the way things are, as many boomers liked to tell their kids. It was an abdication of adult responsibility framed as progressivism.

It goes without saying that the Jews hated the Boy Scouts, as they hate everything that is white, Christian and patriarchal. The Jews see a bunch of bright-eyed white kids smiling and whistling and marching in formation, and see a monster hellbent on destroying them. They see these happy lads singing patriotic songs, and they hear the horns of the Roman army, the hoofbeats of Cossacks on the streets of Odessa, the whistle of the train as it docks at Auschwitz. People perhaps don’t understand how fearful the Jews are. It is their primary motivation, even before sadism.

I will attack the Boy Scouts for becoming what they have become, but they should really be praised for being one of the very last holdouts in succumbing to the Jewish agenda. Along with the Mormons, in fact. Those were the last two American institutions to go full anal.

It is literally impossible for any institution to resist falling to the Jewish agenda when Jews are allowed to run free in your society. They will infiltrate and subvert you from the inside while also surrounding you with an army of lawyers to continually poke and prod you and eventually just bankrupt you completely if you don’t eventually break. That is all after they’ve totally dominated every aspect of the culture, and turned the entire society against everything you represent.

The only way to stop this from happening is for the entire society to confront and deal with the Jewish problem. There is no way for any single group or institution to resist.

It’s usually women that get in first. But with the Boy Scouts, they allowed gay boys in first. That started in 2013. Then in 2015, they began allowing homosexuals to be scout leaders. Can you imagine? Sending homosexual men into the woods to sleep with a bunch of pubescent boys? Would you feel comfortable going into the woods with a bunch of teenage girls? It’s beyond the pale. And it’s much different for a homosexual than for a heterosexual. If a man goes into the woods with a bunch of girls, it’s going to be the girls that are hunting him. (There will always be one in particular who will press the issue.) With homosexuals, the dynamics are the opposite – the homosexual, like the woman, is the sexual predator.

Imagine being a divorced father and having your wife brag to you about how she’s sending your son into the woods with a gay Boy Scout leader. Just try to imagine that. Then imagine how few men end up doing family eliminations.

After letting in homos, the Scouts then got massively sued for homosexual abuse scandals. I actually thought they had gone under after that, but now I’m hearing that they’re still around, a zombie organization pushing the same Jew agenda as the entirety of every institution in America.

After going anal, the Scouts began allowing girls in last year.

Once you go full anal and full female, you’re bound to go full negro.

NBC News:

The Boy Scouts of America says it stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and will require all Eagle Scouts to earn a “diversity and inclusion merit badge.”

Starting July 1, the scouts will also begin requiring all workers to undergo “diversity and inclusion” training and start reviewing all “property names, events and insignia, in partnership with local councils, to build on and enhance the organization’s nearly 30-year ban on the use of the Confederate flag.”

“This is not a political issue,” the organization’s National Executive Committee said in a “Dear Scouting family” letter released Monday. “It is a human rights issue and one we all have a duty to address.”

Using the word “murders,” the Irving, Texas-based organization condemned the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, Black people whose deaths set off rounds of protests across the country.

Yes, that is how this is being framed across the board. People have a “duty” to support this movement. It is necessary to announce publicly that you’re against cops killing black people, because otherwise it is assumed that you support it.

During the 60s, everyone had to come out and say that they now accept blacks, but they didn’t have to explicitly state that they were against racist cops randomly killing black people, or committing a genocide, or whatever it is the media is claiming is happening. Because it was just assumed that normal people are against murder.

Now, everyone already accepts blacks. You have been legally obligated to accept blacks for 50 years, and most Boy Scout troops accepted blacks before desegregation. (The last segregated troop was Mormon and was forced by the federal government to allow blacks in 1974.)

According to the Jews, when racial integration looks like this, it doesn’t count.

But after decades of accepting blacks, and having never been accused of abusing blacks, the Boy Scouts as an organization now have a “duty” to come out and inform the world that they don’t support genociding black people.

Again, I think that’s what’s going on. I must admit that I do not fully grasp what it means to “support Black Lives Matter.” But I think it means you’re saying you don’t want to kill random black people, as that is what the media is saying BLM is opposed to. But none of this is actually clear. It’s actually taken the concept of the “invisible enemy” to new heights, in that we now have an enemy that can’t even be explained.

The BSA’s move comes four months after the organization, facing mounting legal costs from defending itself against lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of boys, filed for bankruptcy protection.

I think this is a big deal to the extent that all these traditional, Christian-oriented organizations are trying to get their houses in order with regard to systematic racism,” said Alvin Tillery Jr., a political science professor at Northwestern University. “This is an organization that is super-embattled and they’ve had to adopt more progressive stances because nobody wants to have anything to do with them.

Tillery said he applauds the BSA for taking this stance, but said the organization is reacting to current events and not shaping them.

“Society is passing them by, and they have to catch up,” he said.

Tillery is black, obviously. Which sadly means that he’s not very bright. (He’s especially prehistoric looking.)

The Scouts did not embrace anal sex and feminization because “no one wanted anything to do with them.” They did this because of the sway that the CEOs of AT&T and Exxon and the former Secretary of Defense held over them, and because they’d been sued 14 times by the Jewish ACLU. In actual fact, they lost support with each of these decisions, given that their support base has always been white Christians. This is all in the Wikipedia page entitled “Boy Scouts of America Membership Controversies,” but black people can’t read.

But whatever.

As I said above, no organization can be expected to hold out in the face of this overwhelming opposition.

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention has come out and endorsed Black Lives Matter. No one is not doing this, even though no one can explain what the hell we’re even talking about, because no one is standing up and fighting back. There is no group you can join to oppose this. Donald Trump doesn’t have your back. Even Fox News doesn’t really have your back. Tucker Carlson does, but aside from that, you’re on your own.

It is impossible to expect individuals and organizations to stand completely on their own in opposition to this overwhelming force. That is why it is all happening now: because there no longer is any ability to resist, because the entire culture is so dominated by Jews. Anyone who tried to mount a resistance would just be banned from the internet, and then what do you do? Start sending out a newsletter?

We are cornered and we need a cultural shift if we are to survive this onslaught. Donald Trump should be leading this, but he’s not.

We are on our own, and we need to begin to come together as a people and resist.