Buddhist Monks in Myanmar Fight Islamic Plague in Their Country

Daily Stormer
August 14, 2017

It’s sad that, even in current year, people hate the religion of peace for no reason whatsoever

Sometimes you have to slaughter people and force your religion on them in order to establish peacefulness.

The Economist:

INSIDE a Buddhist monastery in Mandalay five teenagers are looking at a poster, bemused. A graphic collage of photos depicts children’s corpses, monks covered in blood and enraged jihadists brandishing weapons. A monk in a maroon robe approaches. “This is a reminder of what Muslims are like,” he says.

And a very accurate one at that.

Ashin Wirathu, the most famous resident of the Masoeyein monastery, expands on the theme during a break between meditation sessions. Buddhism, he explains, is in danger. Centuries ago, he points out, Indonesia was principally a Hindu and Buddhist country, but it has since “fallen” to Islam. The Philippines, meanwhile, is struggling with “hordes” of jihadists. Myanmar, he warns, is next. As the leader of the most extreme fringe of the Organisation for the Protection of Race and Religion, a Buddhist charity best known by its Burmese acronym, Ma Ba Tha, he is mounting a fierce campaign to rouse Burmese Buddhists to confront this danger.

Muslims make up about 4% of Myanmar’s 54m people. Some claim to be Bamar, the country’s main ethnic group. Others are the descendants of immigrants from India during the British colonial period. Perhaps 1m are Rohingyas, a community of Bengali origin living in Rakhine state near the border with Bangladesh (see map). They are stateless, and have been excluded from Myanmar’s official list of 135 indigenous ethnic groups. The authorities consider them illegal immigrants, even though they have lived in Myanmar for generations.

There’s that magical dirt theory again.

Indeed, by most accounts it is Muslims, and especially Rohingyas, who are under threat in Myanmar. In recent years there have been sporadic attacks on mosques and on Muslim homes and businesses. Sectarian clashes descended into a pogrom against Rohingyas in Rakhine state in 2012 that claimed some 200 lives, the vast majority of them Muslims.

I’m only hearing good news so far. Why would anybody think this isn’t good news?

Last year, after Muslim militants attacked several police posts in Rakhine, killing nine officers and stealing numerous weapons, the army went on a rampage. The UN and various human-rights groups say soldiers embarked on a campaign of rape, murder and other horrors, including the burning of Rohingya villages. Some 75,000 people have fled across the border into Bangladesh. Yet the authorities deny that the violence is widespread or systematic: this week they produced a report exonerating the security services.

Moslems are a plague. The only option is physical removal.

Also, notice how casually they skip what moslems do.

Buddhists account for almost 90% of Myanmar’s population. There is no evidence that their share of the population is declining. The monkhood, or sangha, is as popular as ever with an estimated 500,000 members—almost 1% of the population. Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s leader, is a practising Buddhist.

Replace “Buddhist” with “Christian” and that sounds like most of Europe and North America before WWII.

That changed very quickly…

Nonetheless, Ma Ba Tha’s fear-mongering finds many receptive ears. More than 2m people signed one of its petitions. “Muslims are cunning,” says a young Burmese in a tea shop. “They will outbreed us,” laments another. A taxi driver insists that Muslims never use his services: “Muslim money goes to Muslim businesses; that’s the way they think.” Such prejudices are common: a survey conducted in 2015 by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, a non-profit, found that almost 90% of the hateful online posts they reviewed were directed at Muslims.

If you read “Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business” and immediately thought “This sounds like some kikery,” you’re only partially wrong. This is an (((NGO))) set up by Scandinavians and currently run by a British woman with a dikey haircut.

She’s also married to a native artist.

Wirathu’s ideas have also percolated through Myanmar’s government. The previous army-dominated parliament passed four laws in keeping with Ma Ba Tha’s agenda. Two are a sop to those who fear an army of Muslim babies: one allows local officials to order Muslim parents to wait up to three years before having another baby, while the other outlaws polygamy. The other two laws aim to reduce conversions, even though they are vanishingly rare: one requires people wanting to change religion to register with the authorities and submit to an interview; the other allows concerned third parties to prevent Buddhist women from marrying outside the faith.

No conversions, control on their birth rates and BUDDHIST SHARIA to top it all off!

Of course, this doesn’t go nearly as far as the hajis themselves have gone – actually exterminating Buddhists everywhere, including in Bangladesh, where the Rohingya river rats originate from – but it’s a lot more than our (((governments))) are doing.

The new, civilian government has not been much better. It has allowed bureaucrats to close mosques and Islamic schools in Yangon at the behest of angry mobs. When members of the evicted congregations prayed in the street in protest, several of them were charged with “threatening stability and the rule of law”.

“We feel like second-rate citizens,” says a veiled Muslim woman living in Yangon. “We have to be very careful: a simple incident can turn into a riot.” On July 4th in Rakhine, for instance, a Rohingya man was killed by a group of Buddhists amid an argument over the purchase of a boat.

I’m starting to think there’s no gook government on the planet that isn’t better than the ones we have here in Europe… Duterte is still the best, of course.

In recent months the authorities have tried to curb the extremists. The State Sangha, a government-appointed body of monks, banned the use of the acronym Ma Ba Tha in May, saying the group had not been set up in accordance with the proper procedures. Wirathu has responded by saying that it is the government, not Ma Ba Tha, that must go. Sympathisers have already set up a new charity and a separate political party. The leader of the party, Maung Thway Chon, says its mission is to “make Myanmar great again”.

I don’t know when Myanmar was great before, but if that ever happened, it was surely before they had ragheads. But in order for a country to be great, you have to get rid of the pedo-worshippers first. Homogeneity always being a good thing aside, anyone who worships a schizophrenic pedophile – and occasional corpse fucker – is bad for your country no matter how you look at it.

I know there are White moslems, lots of them. You guys can officially be on our (and your own) side again by converting to anything else. Really, it doesn’t matter if it’s Christianity, Wotanism, atheism, Buddhism, Mithraism or whatever. You can even worship one of the Great Old Ones if you want, that’s perfectly fine; just stay away from the Mahomedan brain virus, it’s not good for you or anybody else.

I approve

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