Bryan Adams Tests Positive for Second Time After Being Vaxed!

He probably has GRIDS.

It’s the summer of 69 positive coronavirus tests!

These tests are real! They are accurate!

He has no symptoms but he has a secret disease!



Bryan Adams has tested positive for Covid-19, the Canadian rock star wrote on Instagram Thursday.

“Here I am, just arrived in Milano, and I’ve tested positive for the second time in a month for Covid. So it’s off to the hospital for me. Thanks for all your support,” he said next to pictures of him at the Milan Malpensa airport and in an ambulance. His condition is unknown.

Adams also tested positive Oct. 30 when he had to pull out from his scheduled appearance at Tina Turner’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony where he was to perform a medley of songs including “It’s Only Love,” which is a duet between Adams and Turner from his 1984 album.

A rep for Adams at the time said that the musician is fully vaccinated and showed no symptoms.

I hope Bryan Adams doesn’t DIE!

It would be such a terrible loss for the world!

But seriously – what is going on with this narrative? You get vaccinated and then you just keep getting the virus over and over again, according to these people?

But we all have to be force vaccinated so we don’t get the virus?

Despite the fact that getting vaccinated increases our chances of death by at least twice?

Who is taking this bullshit seriously?

Other than Bryan Adams?