Brutal Cuomo Gives Up the Ghost Like a Coward

I’m a tad bit sad about this.

Andrew Cuomo was becoming a kind of de facto anti-hero.


In the space of just over a year, N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo went from a pandemic “hero,” watched daily by millions of people, to a flattened politician under intense pressure to step down after 11 women came forward to accuse him of unwelcome touching and inappropriate comments.

The Democrat tried to hang on amid an intensifying scandal until N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James released an exhaustive report detailing the allegations of sexual harassment.

James’ investigation brought down the governor less than a year after he won an Emmy Award for his famous coronavirus briefings — an anchor for many people locked down in their homes in the spring of 2020. His prominence in politics, though, began decades before that.

Poor Andy.

I’d wished that he would just trudge on, refusing all calls – possibly transform the Governor’s Mansion into a Doom-style dark fortress.

Of course, it’s obvious that a brutal Italian with pierced nipples has enough skeletons in his closet that any attempt to buck the system is futile.

I would say this goes for all politicians of any relevance at this point (the closet skeletons thing, I mean).

In other news, Subway is trying to force the resignation of Megan Rapinoe.

Washington Examiner:

Subway franchisees are in discussions to drop Team USA soccer star Megan Rapinoe from a new ad amid her National Anthem protests at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Rapinoe, who signed with the company as a spokeswoman this spring, regularly pushes her political views — usually calls for equal rights and an end to the gender pay gap. These views are getting in the way of the company’s reputation and sales, some of the store owners argued during a discussion forum last month.

At the event hosted by the North American Association of Subway Franchisees, franchisees discussed removing Rapinoe from a new ad where she kicks a soccer ball at a person holding a burrito, citing complaints they have received from their customers about her.

“Boycott Subway until Subway fires the anti-American … Megan Rapinoe, the creep who kneels for our beloved National Anthem!” a Wisconsin store operator read from a note a customer taped to the glass door of his restaurant.

Rapinoe is in virtually every way a more relevant cultural figure than Cuomo.

Any politician with a drama streak could have played the role of Virus Daddy. But a physically successful lesbian is a rare wonder.