Brutal Communist Chinks Have Officially Made Terrorism Illegal in Hong Kong

In true human rights democracy, citizens are permitted to riot inside of a shopping mall and break all the glass with bats and light the Christmas tree on fire. This is why Hong Kongese want to bring back British colonialism.

Get ready to really care a lot about something very important to you: freedom in Hong Kong.

NBC News:

On the walls of the Protection Umbrella, a diner in Taipei, posters show protesters wearing gas masks and helmets battling police in Hong Kong.

The restaurant was opened in April to provide jobs for protesters who fled to Taiwan to escape arrest during the demonstrations over the past year in the former British colony.

Now that Beijing has enacted a national security law for Hong Kong, heralding significant changes in the territory’s governance, the exodus is expected to increase.

The law will allow Beijing to mete out severe punishment to anyone found guilty of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with external forces to threaten national security. It could see the Chinese government sending in its own law enforcers.

Hong Kongese have a right to collude with foreign powers to commit acts of terrorism to bring back British colonial rule.

Terrorists funded by the US State Department march demanding a return to British colonialism.

That’s what it means to have freedom and democracy.

As of 10 p.m Thursday, Beijing time, police had arrested about 370 people, including six males and four females, on suspicion of breaching the National Security Law. Others were arrested for offences including unlawful assembly, disorderly conduct in a public place, furious driving and possession of offensive weapon.”

Furious driving is a fundamental value of democracy.

In the Protection Umbrella restaurant, concern over potential repression in Hong Kong runs deep.

The diners are mostly Hong Kong people who speak Cantonese instead of Mandarin. And the challenges faced by their homeland are never far from their minds.

“The Chinese Communist Party should honor the Sino-British Joint Declaration if they want to be a player in the international community,” said Winnie Ho, who moved to Taiwan in 2014 following an earlier wave of anti-government demonstrations called the Umbrella Movement, after which the restaurant is named.

Under the treaty reached between China and the United Kingdom on how Hong Kong should be governed after its handover in 1997, Beijing had promised the territory would enjoy significant autonomy — and that rights and freedoms would be protected by law.

Yes, and the most important freedom of all is the democratic right to riot, throw bricks and start fires in shopping malls. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, China decides to take the right away.

Under British colonialism, you were allowed to douse old men in lighter fluid and set them on fire. Unlike the hate filled and white supremacist communist Chinese, the British Empire was a democracy, and they understood that lighting old men on fire for being nationalists is free speech.

This is how Hitler started – by telling Antifa they couldn’t riot.

But actions by Beijing in recent years — including prescreening of candidates for chief executive — had already caused some residents to fear that Hong Kong’s freedoms were being eroded.

“I am quite pessimistic. … If people can leave, they should,” said Betty Ng who, along with her husband, obtained Taiwan residency by investing in a B&B in eastern Taiwan’s Taitung county.

“We got used to what we had before. We had freedom of speech, we were free to criticize and comment on anything we didn’t like, but now it seems that you have to discipline yourself.”

Under the rule of the British, you could start a fire anywhere you liked. If you wanted to smash some random person’s head in with a rock, there were no cops to stop you.

If you wanted to roam streets with a bat, smashing in windows, there wasn’t some British cop to come check your bat license.

This is why we have to bring back colonialism in China: because Chinese white supremacists are oppressing themselves, and throughout history, the solution to white supremacy has been British colonial occupation.

Such fears have prompted an increasing number of Hong Kong residents to move elsewhere, and Taiwan is among the top choices.

It’s seen as a safe haven, popular also because of its proximity as well as its similar language and culture. Even though Beijing sees the island and the mainland as a part of one country to be reunified one day, Taiwan has been ruled separately for more than a century, including as a vibrant democracy in recent decades.

I thought we agreed to capitalize the word “Vibrant”?

This is quite racist on the part of NBC News, and it leads me to believe that we may need to bring back British colonialism in the United States in order to teach some people a lesson about privilege.

Last year, 5,858 Hong Kongers obtained residency permits here — an increase of 41 percent over the previous year, according to statistics from Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior.

Some of the more active protesters will risk arrest under the new law, the Rev. Huang Chun-sheng at the Chi-lam Presbyterian Church in Taipei, said. He has helped more than 200 Hong Kong protesters settle here in recent months.

“Our friends in Hong Kong tell us the first targets for arrest include human rights workers, front-line protesters and even church officials who kindly offered the church for the protesters to rest,” he said.

“Under the security law, activities, protests, and freedom of speech will be limited,” he said “”So Hong Kong will become just like a Chinese city.”

More Hong Kongers are expected to immigrate abroad. On the first day the law came into effect Wednesday, Hong Kong’s government showed it had every intention to administer it; police made its first 10 arrests related to the forbidden violations.

Having reviewed the situation, the single reason that people are fleeing the country is that they’re worried about not having freedom of speech. No one is saying they fear arrest or imprisonment or other kinds of abuses. They are solely worried about their rights to freedom of speech.

The governments of the UK, US and Australia have all offered asylum for these speech refugees.

Not being allowed to protest in the street and throw bricks at cops is a totally valid reason to seek asylum. All Western nations allow Antifa to riot in the streets and smash people’s heads in without fear of any consequences at all.

And if they’re looking for freedom of speech, the UK, US and Australia are the places to find it. In these three countries, you can literally say absolutely anything you want. Literally, the only restrictions on speech in these countries is that you’re not allowed to criticize Jews, black people, homosexuals, women, gaming journalists, women in gaming, the corporate media, Israel, Islam, fat people, trannies, child trannies or abortion clinics. You also can’t say that there is any difference at all between the races or between men and women, but you also have to say that whites and men and especially white men are inferior. That might seem confusing at first, but you get the hang of it. You’re also not allowed to research the Holocaust or Sandy Hook, and you can’t hold any kind of political rally that isn’t leftist. You also can’t disagree with anything the media says about coronavirus – that one’s a little bit tricky, because what they’re saying is constantly changing, so you have to follow it very closely to make sure you don’t slip up and accidentally repeat something that the media was saying a few days or hours ago while thinking it is current information. Basically, you just need to check CNN before you say anything about coronavirus. Whenever you’re talking about coronavirus you want to have CNN loaded on your phone and just keep refreshing the page to make sure you are exactly in line with what the media is saying at any given moment.

In the UK and Australia, you can be criminally prosecuted for breaking these completely reasonable rules. But in America, all that happens is you get fired from your job, your bank account gets shut down, you get banned from using the internet to communicate, the media invents and prints vile slander about you and you get sued in civil court. You may also be attacked on the street by masked men, and the police won’t protect you. If you try to defend yourself, you will be sent to jail, but they might arrest you and prosecute you just for being attacked even if you don’t try to fight back.

But other than these very few and very reasonable restrictions (which aren’t speech restrictions, because saying any of that stuff is actually an act of violence), you’re literally just allowed to say whatever the hell you want in Anglo countries.

And again: unlike in Hong Kong, in the Anglosphere you are allowed to riot and start fires, break windows and loot stores and the cops will never do anything to you, because while promoting the idea that biological sex is real is literally an act of violence, burning down buildings and attacking random people in cars is free speech.

That’s democracy, baby – or as I like to call it, “freedom.”