Brown Sharia: Malaysia Publicly Whips Lesbos for Their Disgusting Crime Against Nature

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

I dunno if whipping degenerates is the way to go. I think a lot of them would like that.

I’m conflicted on this.

On one hand, I always support punishing sexual perverts – especially in public.

On the other hand, whipping them just doesn’t do it for me. Beyond the fact that these people are all into S&M crap, the punishment isn’t ironic enough.

Hanging them in “chastity cages” for a few weeks on the public square might be more like it.

Inb4 Andrew edits this article to suggest “corrective rape.”


Monday’s punishment shows the religious right “flexing their muscles and making clear that the laws against LGBT activity will be enforced in their state,” said Linda Lakhdhir, a legal adviser in the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch. Homosexual sex is illegal throughout Malaysia under colonial era criminal law.

Lol, based Brits.

But seriously, is CNN actually blaming Anglos for the fact that Moslems are whipping lesbos?

The punishment follows a raid last month on one of Kuala Lumpur’s only gay clubs, which saw around 20 men charged for “illicit behavior,” and a brutal attack on a trans woman in a city close to the capital.

“It’s very uncomfortable, (people are) feeling very oppressed right now. People are afraid because this is the first time that two women are being caned for sexual acts,” said Numan Afifi of LGBT activist group the Pelangi Campaign.

The punishment had not previously been used in the state of Terengganu for female homosexuality.

There’s your problem right there.

Spare the rod, spoil the broad.

Campaigners said they were concerned about the impact of the punishment on the wider LGBT community. “In the past few years… we had seen an increase in state sponsored anti-LGBT rhetoric,” said Thilaga Sulathireh, who works with the LGBT advocacy group Sisters for Justice. “What we’re seeing now is not coming out of a vacuum. It’s the result of years of anti-LBGT efforts.”

Wait, a Moslem country is allowing these sluts to form “LGBT advocacy groups”?

Tranny activism, smdh.

Maybe those are the people you should be whipping.

In August, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail told Malaysian media that members of the LGBT community should not seek to “glamorize” their lifestyle.

Islam is the official religion (of Malaysia), whereby you have certain practices and it is there in black and white,” said Wan Azizah, before conceding that members of the LGBT community “have the right to practice whatever (it is) they do in private.”

Wait, what?

Brown people can’t even do Sharia right.

No wonder Malaysia is overrun with trannies.

What’s the point of even being a Moslem if you still have to tolerate this kind of shit?

The most mind-boggling thing about all this is that Malaysia just abolished their anti-cross dressing laws earlier this year. Meaning that somehow, the tranny agenda is further along in this Islamic country governed by Sharia law than normal faggotry.

I’d have thought that poz always progressed through the same stages – feminism first, then gays, then trannies and bestiality, and finally kiddy-diddling.

Apparently not.

Sounds like Malaysians are going to have a lot of whipping to do if they want to un-fuck their country – and so will we.