Brown People Should Not Have White Robot Overlords – That’s Like Colonialism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

So if robots are Huwhyte (we will have to consult Jared Taylor for actual confirmation of this allegation), and Andrew Yang wants to enslave robots… then is he advocating for… White Slavery?


There’s a new player in the Oppression Olympics – robots. Once thought to be above such petty human concerns, our would-be overlords have been tainted by their human creators with the original sin of racism, a new study claims.

Most of the robots coming off the assembly line are white, and this is problematic, according to a team of researchers from the Human Interface Technology lab in New Zealand. While there are legitimate reasons for this color choice – white shows dirt and foreign objects more readily and is less likely to retain heat than other colors – the self-styled sentinels of sensitivity jumped right to announcing that humanity’s inherent racism has been reproduced in the bots we’ve built. And CNN, for one, is extremely concerned.

Imagine a world in which all the robots working in Africa or India are white. Further imagine that these robots take over roles that involve authority. Clearly, this would raise concerns about imperialism and white supremacy,” lead researcher Christoph Bartneck told CNN, skipping right over the concerns about robots “taking over roles that involve authority.” Giving robots power over humanity is fine, as long as they represent a diverse cross-section of the species they’re going to dominate!

“If robots are supposed to function as teachers, friends, or carers, for instance, then it will be a serious problem if all of these roles are only ever occupied by robots that are racialized as White,” the researchers wrote. But who is racializing the robots?

Researchers ran two versions of a “shooter bias” test, which purports to measure the subconscious racism of the test subject by forcing them to make the split second decision whether or not to pull the trigger when confronted with a person carrying an item that may or may not be a gun. Subjects were presented with a “white” robot (actually beige) and a “black” robot (actually brown), as well as a white and a black human; all presented with either a gun or a benign object.

Test subjects’ quicker reaction in shooting black robots and humans pointing guns at them and their quicker recognition that unarmed white robots and humans did not pose a threat were held up as proof that the industrial predilection for white robots was nothing more than racism. (On a side note, test subjects were significantly quicker to shoot armed humans than armed robots, suggesting humans are seriously lacking in species loyalty.)

“The bias against black robots is a result of bias against African-Americans,” Bartneck triumphantly declared – and then undermined himself with his own follow-up study. This one removed the humans entirely and found any reaction-time differences between the “white” and “black” robots all but disappeared if the researchers didn’t “prime” the test subjects with racial terms before administering the test – especially when they added a third robot whose color was somewhere between beige and brown. This was interpreted to mean that “diversification of robots might lead to a reduction in racial bias towards them” – not as proof that humans don’t naturally attribute race to clearly nonhuman robots.

The researchers further attempted to drive their point home by including a mosaic of Googled-up robot images as proof that most robots are white. They indeed are, but the only skin-tone beige robot in view is a sex bot and almost none of the plastic-white models featured resemble humans.

“There is a clear sense, then, in which these robots do not have – indeed cannot have – race in the same way had by people,” the study authors ultimately acknowledge, but then go on to insist their human test subjects – not the researchers themselves – racialized the robots as black or white despite having the option to pick “does not apply.” Only later do they admit they deliberately altered the robots’ hues from the standard-issue white closer to human skin tones in order to “best replicate the original shooter bias stimuli.”

“In the same way that we do want Barbie dolls in all colors and shapes, we also want robots in more than just white,” Bartneck said.

Yeah but if we made black robots, what if White people tried to oppress and enslave them?

Right now, it’s okay that Andrew Yang wants to enslave the robot race. But if there were a bunch of brown and black robots, that would be not okay.

The other thing about this is…

The reason that humanoid-shaped robots are white is that it is less scary to people. Because people tend to be scared of robots – at least the idea of them.

All of the villainous robots in media have been dark colored.

This is because dark colors are just generally menacing and dark-seeming.

Get it?

That’s one of the reasons people don’t like black “people.”

Mostly, however, they are disliked because of their behavior, which is very disrespectful.

Now just imagine if you had a bunch of super-strong death-killer robots that acted like that.

What then?