Brown People are Always Going to Support Socialism Because They’re So Much Less Competent Than Whites

In democracy, you have all these different groups which you must pander to. We take it for granted, but it’s really an absurd situation: society is totally divided into groups and politicians have to segment out what they do for each group in order to get votes from that group.

Fox News:

Presidential nominee Joe Biden is falling behind in Latino voter support in the key swing state of Florida, which Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez told “Fox & Friends Weekend” is because of Trump’s approval within the community.

“You have a president that has delivered, has kept his promises and has really authored a great chapter in terms of [record-low] Latino unemployment … homeownership on the rise,” she said.

In contrast, she said, Biden has lacked campaigning in Florida and simply doesn’t stand for what Latino voters represent and value.

“Latinos care about faith, they care about family and they care about freedom,” she said. “And Joe Biden doesn’t stand for any of those things.”

As Joe Biden recently said, Latinos are not monolithic like the blacks.

He apologized for saying that, or rather whoever runs his Twitter account apologized that he said that.

But it’s just a fact.

Within “Latinos,” you have a whole bunch of different groups that have to be pandered to individually. I wrote about this in relation to Biden’s statements.

The thing I would like to offer today is this: it appears to me that democracy encourages these social divides. It incentivizes it. If you had a government that would only have one policy aimed at the mass group, there would be no benefit to these various groups in promoting their identity as a group.

Women used to vote with their husbands, now they’re their own group with their own specific interests.

And riddle me this: before the “civil rights era,” blacks were attempting to become more like whites. They wore suits, didn’t smoke crack or do drive-by shootings.

Then, blacks were given a political identity, and they diverged off into what they are now, which is a total disaster.

Blacks are now just a criminal underclass with no redeeming feature.

With the “Latinos” – why are these people in our country at all?

Well, because democracy encourages immigration. Not just with the immigration law, which is easily manipulated by big business to the detriment of the nation, but with the entire structure of the social order, which thrives on dividing people into voting blocs.

If immigrants were expected to integrate, very few would bother coming at all. Moving to another country is a big effort. But democracy, with this system of multiple group identities, encourages them to remain in these blocs, which then encourages more to come here.

This Nunez bitch is a Cuban. She has no ability to speak for Mexicans, who make up the largest group of Latinos. Her statements are blatantly particular to Cubans.

Nunez said the president has “demonstrated his commitment” to the community by taking action and delivering results. She said Biden’s plan to raise taxes on 80% of families, plus his intentions to defund the police, won’t go over well with Latinos.

Latinos do not want to see their families in peril when they go out the door, when they go to restaurants they don’t want to be accosted by rioters,” she said.

“This president has stood strong in the face of dictators,” she added. “And I think Joe Biden, the likes of Bernie Sanders, AOC, will simply cower to global progressives and to despots and dictators.”

She says that Cubans hate black people, before of course going on to reference her own racial obsession with fighting communism.

Probably, she can speak for all Latinos when she talks about hating black people. I think they all hate black people. Because Latin America does not have a Western-style democracy system, their own blacks are not a special interest group, and so brown people are just brown people.

If you see a Brazilian gang, it will have blacks, mulattoes, mestizos and Indios, all together in the same gang, because they’re all just a bunch of dark-skinned poverty people.

Wanting to fight against communism though is a specific thing of lighter-skinned people from Cuba and Venezuela who want the US military to go in and overthrow their brown communist governments and put the light-skinned capitalists back in power.

That’s Marco Rubio.

These people are always with the Republicans, because the Republicans theoretically support military action in Latin America. Also, because they are lighter-skinned, they have higher IQs and generally do not want socialism here in America either. In any mixed-race country, socialism is a way for brown people to siphon wealth from white people. (In a purely white country, socialism is a way for women to siphon wealth from men.)

I do not want to pay for the lives of Mexicans, but neither do I want to go fight a war for Marco Rubio. This whole situation is idiotic and absurd.

We need to abandon democracy and go back to the classical American republican model of government. If we did that tomorrow, and made the white majority the singular focus of government policy, things would slowly begin to swing in the opposite direction.

You would see:

  • Blacks trying to act like people
  • Women returning to the guidance of men
  • Brown people going back to their shitholes

Maybe some of the whiter Latinos would try to integrate and become normal white people.

Jeanette Nunez is basically a white woman, and her name is already “Jeanette.”

Her speech at the RNC was really weird though.

Who knows. Whatever. I don’t care.

But this is reality: the majority of brown people, without political representation, would start to consider leaving the country.

One thing is definitely not on the table, however – you are not going to see a bunch of darkly-shaded 80 IQ Mexicans and Guatemalans voting Republican. Those people will always vote a majority for socialism, because they’re too stupid to ever make enough money to want to support Republicans.

Here’s the thing: brown people are never going to vote against their own interests, which are almost entirely financial, because you convinced them to believe in some ideology. The only people on earth who are stupid enough to put ideology above their own interests are whites.