Brooklyn Jews Brutally Shot by 6 Trillion Paintballs

Godfrey Bouillon
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2015

Rabbis will need to begin training Jews to defend themselves.
Rabbis will need to begin training Jews to defend themselves.

New Holocausts tend to happen just when you least expect it.


Police are investigating whether two incidents in which Jewish residents were struck with paint in Brooklyn were hate crimes.

On Saturday night, two Jewish teenagers reported being struck with paint at Morton Street and Juliana Place in Williamsburg, police said.

The pair had been walking home from synagogue with their grandfather when they were attacked.

On March 22, another Jewish man reported that someone shot him with a paintball gun or threw paint on him, CBS2 reported. He had also been walking in Williamsburg — at Hewes Street and Kent Avenue, about a half-mile from Saturday’s incident.

“This is not a joke,” Rabbi Moishe Indig said. “This is not a game. And we’ll take it very serious. The community’s going to be very serious about it, and the Police Department will be very serious about it, as they told me they will make sure to catch the guys and do whatever’s necessary to stop it.”

There are three population groups that live in Williamsburg: (1) Jews, (2) Hipster SJWs, and (3) an assortment of Basketball-Americans and their Caribbeaner cousins. Considering the history of race relations in Brooklyn (young readers should look up the infamous Crown Heights Chimpout of 1991), I’d put my money on #3 as the likely source of the culprits.

The point here is that “Rabbi Moishe” is right. The NYPD will take this very seriously, unlike far more violent attacks on Whites.

The Jewish establishment gives no fucks about Whites being killed on a daily basis. We see the Race War attacks daily, the stabbings, the murders, the home invasions, but the Jewish media talking heads stay completely silent. No hate crime investigations. Nothing. Thousands of farm murders of Whites in South Africa.

Absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, three Zhids get popped by a prankster with a paintball gun and it’s reported in half a dozen major media sources and the NYPD opens a high-profile “hate crime” investigation.

We see this everywhere. White man brutally murdered by Pavement Apes in New Orleans? Nothing from the national media. Someone scrawls a swastika (or a rayciss stickfigure, lol) on a bathroom wall somewhere? Oy vey! It’s anuddah Shoah, call the Thought Police!