Brooklyn Black Figure Calls for Whites to Leave Brooklyn

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2020

Eric Adams, defender of the black world

I wish whites could call for blacks to leave places.

The Guardian:

Brooklyn’s borough president has been criticized after telling people to “go back to Iowa” in a speech on gentrification in New York City, in which he said black and brown people were being pushed out.

Eric Adams, who has said he is “pursuing” a run for mayor in 2021 but has not formally declared, made the comments at a Martin Luther King Jr Day event on Monday.

Lamenting racial inequality in Brooklyn and the city as a whole, Adams reportedly said: “Black and brown people are being pushed out of the borough they made possible.”

Adams told the crowd at an event hosted by civil rights organisation the National Action Network: “You were waking up to gunshots and not alarm clocks, and you stayed.

“You were here before Starbucks. You were here before others came and decided they wanted to be part of this city. Folks are not only hijacking your apartments and displacing your living arrangements, they displace your conversations and say the things that are important to you are no longer important, and they decide what’s important and what’s not important.

“Go back to Iowa. You go back to Ohio. New York City belongs to the people that [were] here and made New York City what it is.”

Adams was criticized by the New York Daily News, which described his comments as “racially charged”.

Bob Capano, who was the director of community relations to Adams’ predecessor, also disapproved. He said: “Given their lack of real power, the main job of a [borough president] is to be a cheerleader for all of Brooklyn, not divide it.”

It’s funny to see blacks being called racist.

Obviously, the only reason the media is allowed to do this is that so many Jews live in Brooklyn.

Adams responded to criticism of his anti-Semitism with the “gunshots vs. alarm clocks” bit.

Why does he use that phrase so often?

It’s one thing to say “you were waking up to gun shots,” but why would he highlight the fact that black people don’t work by specifically pointing to the fact that they weren’t waking up to alarm clocks?

The “waking up to gunshots” thing is also kind of not helpful. It is obviously pointing to the fact that blacks are violent.

Apparently, he’s saying that the blacks of Brooklyn built the neighborhood by overcoming their violent urges. Or perhaps he’s presenting some kind of “Wild West” scenario, where the neighborhoods were conquered, and then less capable people were able to move in and live peacefully. But there aren’t a lot of black property developers in Brooklyn that I’m aware of. In fact, I’m not aware of black property developers anywhere.

Blacks are known to develop the drug trade, not the real estate market.

The pattern of black neighborhoods seems to be that blacks move into neighborhoods that were built – in the literal sense of building buildings – by whites, and then the whites flee the neighborhoods because they are waking up to the aforementioned gunshots.

Blacks then make it “their” territory, and the neighborhoods then become violent shitholes where the property has no value.

Standard black neighborhood

After this happens in several different neighborhoods in a city, the property outside of the black neighborhoods becomes so inflated that no one can afford to live there, so brave white people move back into the black neighborhoods and start making them once again safe for civilized people.

That of course drives up the property values (and thus rent costs), and blacks are forced to leave.

I am able to understand that blacks don’t like being priced out of their neighborhoods. I’m not unsympathetic. But listening to them whine and imply they ever built a single neighborhood out of anything other than sticks and mud is a little bit frustrating.

Ultimately, the solution is some form of segregated housing. Because there is no way that black neighborhoods are ever going to have the same property values as white neighborhoods, due to the fact that black neighborhoods are so violent and generally unlivable for whites. So, what both whites and blacks should be demanding is racially segregated neighborhoods – white neighborhoods where blacks aren’t allowed to live and black neighborhoods where whites aren’t allowed to live. You could have some mixed neighborhoods too, but it doesn’t really appear from the data we have that either race would be interested in living there.

That’s the only thing that is going to prevent bold white people from moving into black neighborhoods. Because the blacks just drive the prices down so low that no one can resist.

And Don’t Mention Ohio, You Black Bastard

This was also in the Guardian article:

According to the Furman Center, 37.2% of New Yorkers were born outside the US. About 48% of residents were born in New York state, but not necessarily in the city.

So, only 15% of New York residents are from other states in the US, and I doubt very many of them are from Ohio – or Iowa, for that matter.

I’m from Ohio. I would never want to live in New York City. Nor do I know anyone who would.

However, I should mention that we also deal with this same housing problem in Ohio, as does anyone who lives in any city with a significant black population. There just isn’t any way around it unless you have officially segregated neighborhoods, because of the fantastic thing that blacks are able to do to property values by moving into a neighborhood.

Racial Segregation: Blacks can wake up to their gunshots, whites can wake up to their alarm clocks. Everybody’s happy.