Bronx Fire: Dem Niggas Done Got Burned Up Out Da Muthafuka

All dem niggas done is be dead out dis bitch, shiieeeet.

There was a big fire in a high-rise building full of African immigrants in the Bronx.

It seems that third world people tend to have third world problems – even in the first world.

Why do we have colonies of Africans (from Africa) in our cities in the first place, you ask?

Well, that’s because of the Jews.

It’s called the “Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965.” You can look it up. It was a law lobbied for by Jews that basically said “let’s bring millions and millions of third worlders into America for literally no reason.”

New York Post:

The dad in the Bronx apartment where Sunday’s deadly blaze began acknowledged to The Post on Monday that he apparently pushed the front door back so far trying to save his daughter that it got stuck.

Stricken Mamadou Wague, 47, said he didn’t even realize the door was left open until he was told about it by fire officials later.

Authorities said earlier Monday that the apartment door was supposed to be self-closing but may have “malfunctioned,’’ sending smoke soaring through the 19-story structure and killing at least 17 people.

“When you push the door all the way to the edge, it didn’t close by itself,” said Wague, who was in the apartment with his wife and eight kids when the fire started.

“It’s very sad. I don’t even remember the door staying open because all I could think about was getting everybody out,” the dad said.

“I actually thought later that the door had shut, but the fire department people told me it had stayed open.

“I feel very, very sorry for the people who died,” he said. “I’m praying for them. I’m praying for everybody.”

Wague, a native of The Gambia, said he was asleep shortly before 11 a.m. Sunday when his children’s screams woke him up after their electric space heater apparently sparked the blaze.

Nigga is be sorry as a muthafuka out this bitch, nigga. He ain’t mean be did do dat burn with da flame out this bitch. He finna operate dat door.

(Is that some kind of Wakandan space phone? Seriously, what?)

It’s logical that he wouldn’t know how to operate a door, because in Gambia, they don’t have doors.

I don’t want to seem like some kind of heartless monster, but I don’t care that these niggas done been burned up like a muthafuka out that bitch.

I mean honestly, I really don’t care. Like seriously, I don’t care – at all. 

But it’s sad, I’m sure.

My feelings about it aren’t really the point.

The point is, this happened in my country – a colony of third worlders burned up a high rise building because they don’t know how doors work, let alone space heaters.

The point is, every single liberal who sees this story and feels really bad feels that way because they know these people are primitive and they view them as pitiful, i.e., pathetic.

And yet, those same liberals who view these people are pathetic and therefore in need of pity will also tell you that they are just exactly the same as us, and that our society is somehow “enriched” by bringing colonies of them into our country to live in high-rise buildings while feeding off of the wealth our ancestors created for us.

These people could and should be living in their own countries, in their huts, having happy lives doing dances and throwing spears at each other.

I have nothing against that.

I think it would be nice, if we were all living in our own countries, and we knew that there were some happy people in Africa doing happy dances.

The only reason you would take people out of that environment and bring them to live in a high-rise in the Bronx is if you were trying to hurt America. These people’s lives aren’t really made any better by any objective measurement of happiness. Go look at some videos of tribal people in Africa, doing their dances in their face paint – they all look much happier than this nigga on the space phone who burned that bitch up because he didn’t know how doors work.

The people who support flooding our country with these primitives are either stupid, malicious, or both.

And again: no one ever would have even thought of something so weird as moving large numbers of Africans into New York City if it were not for Jewish influence in America.

Immigration is a Jewish agenda to hurt white people.

I’ll just leave this here:

Addendum (An Hour or So Later)

After writing this article, and then taking a break to play video games, I started to feel bad about saying I don’t care that these people died. I still don’t really care that they died, but I do feel bad about saying it.

Here’s the thing I want to communicate clearly: you can’t really blame these third world savages for coming here after being invited to come here by those Jews and women. Inviting primitive hut people to New York City is like inviting a child from a poor family to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Of course he’s going to want to go when he unwraps that Golden Ticket (the “diversity visa lottery” is literally a Golden Ticket).

I also want to follow-up on the point that it really doesn’t increase the quality of their lives, in terms of basic human happiness and contentedness. The first generation might do okay, working some low wage job, going around smiling at everyone and everything, mystified as they try to understand the mysteries of door operation, but here’s the issue: their kids all end up with very serious problems. At a rate of almost 100%, the children of third world immigrants become involved in the worst human sub-cultures on the planet earth.

When it comes to African Africans, like those who done been burned up out that bitch, their children end up involved in American African culture, which means drugs, gang violence, public housing and wallowing in eternal poverty and crime.

The children of Latin American immigrants don’t do much better, abandoning the religious and family-based culture of their parents for what is sociologically classified as “Nigger Lite.” They have a slightly lower violence and drug use/dealing rate than the blacks, but they have the same issues with family formation and welfare dependence. At best, they get lost in the consumerist culture, and live totally meaningless lives.

All this is to say: when they got that Golden Ticket, they did not know what kind of ride they were signing up for.

The bottom line is this: it is not about the brown people, and focusing on them is absurd. It’s funny to talk about them, and it’s important to point out how totally incompatible they are with Western civilization, and how destructive they are. But when it comes down to it, this is about two groups of people: Historical Christendom (now somewhat regrettably simply classified as “white”) and the killers of Christ, the Jews.

If bullets are flying at you, you don’t say “we need to figure out a way to slow the velocity of these bullets,” you say “we need to stop the person with the gun who is firing these bullets at us.”

These brown immigrants are bullets being fired at white people by the Jews. That’s really all they are. Discussing them as conscious agents is a waste of time and a distraction from the Jewish problem.