Bronx: CCTV Video Shows Black Execute Another Black in Broad Daylight as Crime Wave Heats Up

Crime is completely out of control in New York City, as the blacks use coronavirus masks to hide their identities.

You know who’s responsible for this, right?

Racist cops.

The simplest way to stop violent crime is to not have any cops.

New York Post:

Shocking surveillance footage shows a gunman fire at point blank range at a crawling 17-year-old teen, fatally blasting him in the head during a running gun battle in the Bronx.

Footage released by the NYPD shows civilians standing unaware Thursday afternoon outside 1705 Hoe Avenue in Crotona as two men in black hoodies engage with a group of teens across the street.

As some of those involved start to cross the street, they are shown darting away at the apparent start of gunfire — with some of those fleeing also holding weapons.

Kether Werts, 17, was shown trying to race away — but falling to the ground after getting shot in the foot, police said.

His killer then ran up and held his gun right up to his head as he fired the fatal shot as the teen tried to crawl away.

Werts, of Belmont, was raced to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Police released the footage as part of appeals to identify the shooter and a man believed to have been with him.

White people are responsible for all black violence, because white people taught the blacks to be violent in the first place.

In Africa, there was no such thing as war or death.