Broking Woke: Russian Health Food Store Apologizes for Lesbian Ad

After communism ended, Russia looked at US culture and was like “totally, bro!”

You’ll remember that was like, grunge music and buff action heroes.

Now here we are 30 years later, and US culture is 100% about gay shit, and especially about involving children in gay shit, and Russia is like “dude, this is bogus – bad trip, bro.”

It’s a widening gap, as Russian people are just not interested in this gay shit.


A popular chain of upmarket Russian grocery stores that prides itself on fresh and healthy fare has issued a formal apology after running an advertisement that featured a lesbian couple and their children talking about veganism.

On Sunday, the Moscow-based retail giant VkusVill released a statement in which it acknowledged that the ad, part of a recent publicity campaign, “had hurt the feelings of a large number of our customers, employees, partners and suppliers.”

Signed by the company’s founder, Andrey Krivenko, and its senior leadership, the open letter said the firm “regretted” the decision to publish the clip and blamed it on “the unprofessionalism of individual employees.”The firm’s goal, it said, was “to make sure our customers receive fresh and tasty products every day, not to publish any political or social views. In no way did we want to become a source of strife and hatred.”

The short video, which was shared on the Instagram page of one of the women featured, showed partners Yuma and Zhenya, along with their two daughters, Mila and Alina. In it, they discuss their views on ethical veganism and fair-trade produce, and their work supporting LGBT young people facing personal problems after coming out.

Here’s this weird business.

What’s more: before the apologizing, the company tried to defend it.

In an earlier statement, VkusVill said, “We believe not featuring the families of our real customers would be hypocritical.” At present, it continued, “family is blood ties or a stamp in a passport,” before urging, “Let’s rethink this. In the 21st century, it’s really the people who love us, those who will always shield us, people who we go through life with.”

It was AFTER that they went into full apology mode, because how many hundreds of people were going to refuse to buy their overpriced vegetables and frozen meats.

People in America keep saying “get woke, go broke!” and I’m like “man, none of these woke companies are going broke.”

But in Russia, the statement is apparently true.

Of course, the company probably had some reason to believe this would fly – and was probably also trying to challenge the current Russian laws against butt stuff in advertisements.

On a long enough timeline, Russia can’t not become gay, because they are allowing unlimited amounts of gay Jew culture to flow into their country, especially through the social media.